SpeedFan - utility that allows you to monitor the process of ventilation of the video card and hard drives.

SpeedFan can perform speed control manually or automatically. Discs with SATA, EIDE and SCSI interfaces are supported. The utility is also used to speed up the computer and troubleshoot.

SpeedFan provides a report on such characteristics as the temperature of the central processor, the speed of rotation of the CPU fan, the graph of the temperature of the processor and the change in the speed chart of the microprocessor's cooler.

SpeedFan Features

  • Monitoring and changing the heating, voltage and speed of ventilation are reflected in the graphs.
  • SMART technology is supported by the utility.
  • The utility can indicate the presence of boundary voltages, or overheating. The user is alerted by a beep, a message, or in another way.
  • Saves the data when the information that is contained in the log is removed.
  • HDD is supported on SATA, SCSI, EIDE.
  • Using an online database, a web-analysis of disks is performed.
  • Built-in function of sending information via e-mail.

Download SpeedFan free for Windows from the official website Alfredo Milani Comparetti and use with pleasure.

Operating system
Windows 10/8/7/XP
Interface language
Alfredo Milani Comparetti
Last update

SpeedFan Free Download

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