TeamSpeak 3.1.5


TeamSpeak - utility that works on VoIP technology, allowing you to perform voice communication.

TeamSpeak allows you to create your own channel, password-protected. Communication with the program is similar to a multi-channel walkie-talkie, it is used mostly by gamers, but it is also possible to use another application when it is required to coordinate a group of people. A server is needed for the connection, which can be rented or installed on its own. When renting, you need to configure access.

TeamSpeak is very popular among gamers, it allows you to conduct dialogs simultaneously between a large number of people.

TeamSpeak Features

  • Record conversations.
  • Supports statuses, hot keys, avatars.
  • Fast information transfer process.
  • Free messaging, voice conversations.
  • Servers are selected by region, country.
  • Supports additional varieties of styles, various plug-ins.
  • The presence of a blacklist.
  • Subscription to various channels is possible.
  • Customizing applies individual data.
  • The correspondence data is saved.
  • Comfortable interface.
  • Support for simultaneous conversation between multiple users.
  • Built-in function to block the interlocutor's replica.

Download TeamSpeak free for Windows of the developer TeamSpeak Systems GmbH and use with pleasure.

Operating system
Windows 10/8/7/XP
Interface language
TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
Last update

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