Яндекс.Диск 1.4.17 Build 5360


Яндекс.Диск - cloud-based type of service that allows you to store information on Yandex servers.

All gadgets and computer devices of the user are automatically synchronized, so you can work with Yandex.Disk from any device, you only need an Internet connection. In addition to the web service and working with Windows, there are applications for Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Mac OS X.

Using Yandex.Disk, you can not worry about important data that will not be lost even in the event of a breakdown and other problems with the devices. The necessary files can be easily moved to a new device, it is very easy to send and receive large files.

Yandex.Disk features

  • To upload information, simply drag and drop the file into the desired folder.
  • The start menu and the explorer can be accessed.
  • Easily exchange files with employees, friends, acquaintances.
  • You can view information in the Web interface area.
  • You can store no more than 10 GB of information, regardless of the format.
  • All downloaded data is scanned using an antivirus.
  • Transfer files via a special encrypted connection.
  • Files are stored for an unlimited amount of time.
  • Synchronize files between any devices.
  • Built-in player for playing audio and video.
  • Viewing non-web files.
  • Built-in image editor.
  • File management via WebDAV protocol.
  • Open access to files to multiple users.

Download Яндекс.Диск free for Windows of the developer Яндекс and use with pleasure.

Operating system
Windows 10/8/7/XP
Interface language
Last update

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