Apara is a mobile application with which you can easily follow the latest developments in the markets.

The exchange rate, gold prices, live stock market and more can be found here, you can keep the pulse of the economy. 7/24 updated economy news page with the latest news throughout the day, you can quickly get to Apara.

With the official Apara en app, the latest news, exchange, gold and real-time stock market data in your pocket.

What you get with the Apara app

  • Get the latest news and breaking news about the world of finance and economics.
  • You can keep abreast of the ups and downs in the gold market from moment to moment, and you can take a look at the latest situation with the prices of gram, quarter, half, full and republic gold prices.
  • You can instantly follow changes in the exchange rate at the last minute. View live buying and selling data for the dollar, euro, pound sterling, Swiss franc and other currencies.
  • You can compare all exchange rates with each other by typing in the amount of the amount with the currency converter.
  • You can view stock prices from A to Z on the live stock market, view the day’s summary and follow Borsa Istanbul at the same time. You can instantly find out the lowest, highest growing and most traded companies.
  • You can keep your finger on the pulse of foreign markets. You can view all statistics about European stock exchanges, Asian stock exchanges and Far East stock exchanges with Apara.
  • Notifications, stock market, financial and economic news in your pocket. You can follow the latest events through notifications by downloading the Apara app.

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