AdımPara is a mobile pedometer app where you can get rewarded for your steps.

AdımPara app counts your steps using step counting technology on mobile devices and smart watches.

You can convert the counted steps to AdımPara and buy any product you want from the app store with Adim Para. In addition, you can increase your earnings by using bonuses! You can increase your Step Money earnings by using bonuses!

With AdımPara you can count your steps with the pedometer feature and earn money by taking steps!

What will you get from AdımPara

In this pedometer app, you can follow your friends, create walks with other users and stay motivated together. You can earn Adim Money with AdımPara app.

You can place in the AdımPara league and compete with other users in the pedometer app. Count your steps and turn them into money with the next generation pedometer.

All for more steps, more movements, a healthier world! Win with my name! Win with your steps! Turn your steps into money step by step and choose the right product in the app store!

Android, iOS
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