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قصة عشق‎

mahmed Ache
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A short story in Moroccan Darija for fun and a lesson from the heart of reality and 90% real. Real personalities..a real description, no increase or decrease. I heard it from a client
Her story is for me, it has a lesson for every girl and who has devoured the same situation.
… regret, betrayal, fear, unintentional killing, love, revenge … all of this is a secret, interesting and interesting story.

So, a street in Salé’s popular streets, and every day with 12 .. so that the street will be Amer, every one of them. And Fahma Days, including Street
The children of each unit are scattered, what does it sell … Ha Rabeeh, Ha Ha, for a variety of green … Ha for chickpeas, ha mint … and even from the children of the well-known government
One, what is the kiddir .. Here is the one who sits as selling to Karoo .. Here is the one sitting in front of a whale to sell and buy. Here’s what Sabat is with another one and the people are grouped
Look … and here is the one who doesn’t, Maidra, stand. Apricots, the thin and hard ones, who went in front of them to pick them up and escaped from their tongue to even one of the girls
Meat Iowa and Cain, who is Gadi Jay, presenting Badro, and insulting and spitting out someone who is not alone. Hady is the hometown and its people are attached to her. Gog stood up
Children of the age of the two in front of one to sell the whale .. Hawaijo is hot, and in a state and mouth, in which the text of the caro is lit, and it crosses the whale with his hands … he sells and is lost
On the children and Cain who gives her Micka Dalsardine Faabor. They drew eyeliner with the sun and sprays stored in syrup, and a wind of hashish with a scent
The whale is like a new and an old sale. It is a kind of small kiship .. We write eyeliner and white text, and his eyes are small, Macibosh.
Drabi, so they are the result of speculation that has occurred .. The growth of a number, and in a number other than the Shufa, relieve growth of regret. This is what he chooses to be, a hacker, a mentor, and a cunning … even
One hit the hand and said why is Charmel.
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