Aikido training

Aikido training

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  • Aikido training
  • Aikido training
  • Aikido training
  • Aikido training
  • Aikido training


Aikido is defined as the way of harmony. Aikido is a martial art of fluid motion, graceful and without apparent effort.

You’ll be able to find videos of great quality and easy to follow. Techniques for beginners and advanced.

Aikido is a japanese martial art that helps to convert an attacker’s energy against him. The fundamental characteristic of Aikido is the search for the neutralization of the contrast in situations of conflict, leading to the defeat of the adversary without causing damage, instead of destroy it or humiliate it.

You’ll be able to find videos on:
– Lessons from Aikido
– Basic techniques.
– Bo staff
– Sessions of physical training specific to the Aikido
– Tegatana No Kata
– San Kata
– Sword forms.
– Ki Aikido Taigi

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