AlarmOn (Alarm Clock)

AlarmOn (Alarm Clock)

Carlo Eduardo Rodríguez Espino
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  • AlarmOn (Alarm Clock)
  • AlarmOn (Alarm Clock)
  • AlarmOn (Alarm Clock)
  • AlarmOn (Alarm Clock)
  • AlarmOn (Alarm Clock)


AlarmOn is a full alarm clock, with different color themes, icon
notifications with remaining time until the next alarm gets activated,
name labels for your alarms, tone selection from your local audio
files, snooze, vibration on/off selection, ability to set custom
volume increase over time when an alarm gets activated, fancy time
picker with a label with the remaining time until the next alarm
gets activated, choose repeating days for your alarms and more.

AlarmOn is intended for everyone, is totally free, has no ads, no
in-app-purchases, no spying and is developed by passionate
volunteers. All the source code is available for free.

AlarmOn needs access to:
• Wake lock
• Receive boot completed
• Vibrate
• Write settings
• Read external storage

Permission Details:
• It needs “Wake lock” for keeping the screen turned on when an alarm
gets activated.
• It needs “Receive boot completed” to recreate the alarms that
existed before you turn your phone off.
• It needs “Vibrate” to make your device vibrate.
• It needs “Write settings” to be able to set a custom text on the
lock screen (feature only available for devices running Android
versions below Lollipop).
• It needs “Read external storage”, in to order to read your media
files so you can set your own alarm tone.

Where are the waking up features like solve math problems, take
pictures or anything like that to discard the alarm?
We believe alarm clocks are just tools, the responsible for waking you
up when you desire is yourself, every person is different but we can
suggest a way of dealing with this and it’s called: personal

You can free download AlarmOn (Alarm Clock) for Android. - international multiplatform portal of mobile applications and games. Download AlarmOn (Alarm Clock) free of the developer Carlo Eduardo Rodríguez Espino and use with pleasure.

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Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.0 and up
  • Category Tools
  • Developer Carlo Eduardo Rodríguez Espino
  • Content Rating 3+