Backhoe Loader: Excavator Simulator Game

Backhoe Loader: Excavator Simulator Game


Our Backhoe Loader game is presented with a physics system close to a unique reality. Actually, the actual dozer, as used by the excavator operators,
Front bucket with sand filling, rear digger with the function of digging and the front side of the lifting system can use the full functionality of the forklift functions, you can spend enjoyable moments while playing our machine game now you can download and play for free.

In our game; 3D HD backhoe Loader backhoe dozer model is used.
With different driving angles you can use the doser to see the steering angles from the cab.

You can also see 360 degree around by touching the screen.

In general, the game features are as follows;

Our game consists of different sections. Usually loaded on wooden pallets, various factory products will be lifted from the relevant points of the pallet with the front loader on the front side and moved to the desired point.

In some sections, the cargoes will be loaded onto the , waiting for the truck to stop, and you will be asked to put loads on the points that need to be lowered. You will love this game, which requires an extremely profesional use skill. Truck and models will be added to our game in a very short time.

Can you beat all the levels in the perfect simulation game that carries loads with the heavy excavator machine?

Use the heavy machine in the color you want and try to get all the objects
Don’t forget to install objects with heavy loaders in a balanced way
You will have a lot of fun while carrying the stones in the game in heavy excavator simulator

Our backhoe loader is presented with a unique, realistic physics system. In fact, the main dozer used by excavator operators is waiting for you with the highest graphics in excavator simulator games

Don’t forget to give 5 stars for new loader truck objects and more

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