Elmalılı Tefsiri

Elmalılı Tefsiri

İslami Kitaplar
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  • Elmalılı Tefsiri
  • Elmalılı Tefsiri
  • Elmalılı Tefsiri
  • Elmalılı Tefsiri
  • Elmalılı Tefsiri


TEXT COMMENTARY HAMDİ is Elmalılı *** —- True Religion Quran Language ***

Tafsir Yusuf Ali Muhammed Hamdi Text in respect of the late eminent works of the Lord are described in the following points.

1 – Setup the eternal light of the Holy Quran has been indicated, preferably, description of nature, and tawil TESF shown the difference.
2 – interpretations of Qur’anic verses made in simplicity, causes should-i-revelation of verses written, the relationship between them is shown in a perfect way.
3 – In this work, the Muslims have shown the road of virtue and terrace, Orientalists of the scientific answers are given to delusions about Islam.
4 – many commentaries in preparing this commentary rather than the next most Fahreddin Agree, Abu Hayyan, the excavation was faydanılacak of Beyzav and Ebbussuud commentary.

Application Features —– —–

+ 114 full time Turkish

+ Last place I stayed feature

+ Does not require the use of Internet

+ Simple and nice design

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