GOCASES: Get CS GO skins & cases for Steam

GOCASES: Get CS GO skins & cases for Steam


Use your mind and time to pump up your CS:GO inventory with GOCASES!
Download apps, complete tasks in games and get skins!
It is safe because no Steam login is required.

Our app will help you save up for a new operation in CS:GO and fill your Steam inventory with new skins from both Broken Fang and early operations. Complete a couple of tasks, specify the trade link and get CS:GO skins with withdrawal to your Steam account. It’s safe: you don’t have to enter your username and password as with other services in the theme go cases case opener.

Get free CS:GO skins by completing our partners’ promotional tasks: install applications, take surveys, take actions in games. In return, we will give you some coins: exchange them for cases cs go, get a couple of cool skins, and then withdraw them into your Steam account via trade-link. Everything works like on g2a and csgolounge. Please note: our app does not fall into the CS:GO case simulator category – we only have real CS:GO skins with withdrawal to Steam.

● Get CS:GO skins using your mind and time, not depositing money like in g2a, csgolounge and other csgo roulette. 100% of our CS:GO withdrawal cases are bought with completed tasks.
● The first cs case – Cheap win case – costs 69 coins: save for it even without completing tasks. Start bonus + referral code + 5-7 daily login bonuses – and the new CS:GO skin is yours.
● Invite a friend through a referral link: he will receive 20 coins and you will receive 10% of his income all the time
● Complementing CS:GO Cases with new skins every month. M4A4 Cyber Security and the AWP Exoskeleton from Broken Fang are already available in Go Cases.
●Withdraw your reward from CS cases via a trade link: no logins to Steam! GOCASES is not a simulator: we only have real csgo cases with skins withdrawal.
●The Go Cases app weighs 5MB and takes less than 10 seconds to download.

Our developers filter out tasks from the offer walls and specify the difficulty, so that you get skins for free in CS:GO faster. You’ll only see simple and interesting tasks, like downloading a game or a popular app.
The tasks are marked according to their difficulty: they are marked as “easy” or “difficult”. Easy tasks take 3-10 minutes to complete, while difficult tasks take a couple of hours of pure time. But the reward for difficult tasks is 10-20 times higher, so for one difficult task you will get 3-5 CS:GO cases with withdrawal free of charge.

GOCASES case clicker is not a case simulator. We bring CS:GO weapons, clothing, knife skins and other CS skins to Steam for free. The list of available skins is updated every month: we add both inexpensive and popular, as well as unusually rare CS:GO skins with withdrawal. For example, the M4A4 Cyber Security and AWP Exoskeleton are already available in the app.

How to get new CS:GO skins with withdrawal to your Steam account:
1. Download the latest version of the CS:GO case opener app.
2. Launch the app and log in via your Google account. Open a welcome case with coins – this is your starting bonus of 20-30 coins.
3. If you are invited by a friend or blogger: click on “Enter referral code”, enter your 20 coins promo code in BIG LETTERS and confirm it by clicking “Enter”.
4. Click on “Get it” in the “Get free daily bonus” box to get the daily bonus.
5. After receiving your starting and daily bonus and entering your promo code (if available), click on “GET FREE COINS”, choose an offer wall and complete the tasks.
6. Open cases for coins and get CS:GO skins with withdrawal for free!

For cooperation: gocases.ads@gmail.com
In case of technical problems: https://intercom.help/bladestorm/en

Download the GOCASES case opener app, earn coins, open CS:GO cases with withdrawal via trade link and get CS:GO skins for free – just using your mind and time. Show your friends the new skin you got from Go Cases, and invite them using your referral link for 20 coins. Have a great drop! :)

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