Helper for Clash Royale (All-in-1)

Helper for Clash Royale (All-in-1)

Little Onion Studio
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  • Helper for Clash Royale (All-in-1)
  • Helper for Clash Royale (All-in-1)
  • Helper for Clash Royale (All-in-1)
  • Helper for Clash Royale (All-in-1)
  • Helper for Clash Royale (All-in-1)


DISCLAIMER: This app acted as a fan-generated guidance app for the game Clash Royale by Supercell. This is unofficial and not associated by Supercell. All chests images, background, popup are belong to Supercell. For more information, see Supercell’s Fan Content Policy

All-in-1 Helper (Fan app for Clash Royale) is a multifunctional helper tool for Clash Royale. It combines four most useful Clash Royale helper tool in one app, which is Deck Analyzer, Counter Deck Generator, Best Decks and Win Rate Calculator. Each tool in this app has a few significant functions that will be your best companion on the road to Legendary Arena in Clash Royale.

Helper 1: Deck Analyzer
As we know, building a well balanced Clash Royale deck is always the key for success in Clash Royale. Deck Analyzer analyze every deck in detail and provide you with all the most important information to create a well balanced and powerful deck. It helps you save a lot of time from trial and error and blind attemps when building new Clash Royale decks.

Helper 2: Counter Deck Generator
Clash Royale is a game of card countering. You can easily defeat an opponent with the level much higher than you if you have a deck countered your opponent’s deck. By providing your opponent’s deck, Counter Deck Generator will analyze, calculate and suggest the best deck for you to counter your opponent’s deck. Counter Deck Generator is very useful for you to defeat your friends, clan mates or challengers in friendly games. It help you save a lots of time from racking your brain to find out the deck that can defeat your friends. You can also enable the calculation based on all the cards that you have and it’s level in Clash Royale.

Helper 3: The Best Decks
This helper provides recommendation of high win rate battle deck for each Arena and each type of troops.
We believe that every good deck has its best use trophy/Arena range and no one deck can be perfect from Arena 1 to Arena 11. “Best Decks for Clash Royale” recommend you with some decks that are good for your current Arena. We have seen a lot of players who getting stuck in different Arenas. So, let us help you in some ways that we experienced and learnt from other experienced players out there in Clash Royale Universe. “Best Decks for Clash Royale” contains more than 150 decks from different Arenas. We can’t says that it is a lot, but all the decks have been tested and each recommended deck will comes with “Performance Analysis”.

Helper 4: Win Rate Calculator
Win Rate Calculator is a Clash Royale helper tool used to predict the result of Clash Royale battles. By providing two decks and click the “Calculate” button, the app will analyze and calculate the winning percentage of each provided decks. This helper is particularly useful for you to study and compare the counter relationship between two Clash Royale decks. It also helpful to you in building the counter deck to defeat your friends, clan mates or challengers in friendly games.

LITTLE ONION STUDIO makes apps for life. We are fans of Clash Royale and we only create useful helper apps for the games that we love. We hope you love them as much as we love making them. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us at Thank you!!

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