Калькулятор калорий МЗР

Калькулятор калорий МЗР

Ядров Сергей
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  • Калькулятор калорий МЗР
  • Калькулятор калорий МЗР
  • Калькулятор калорий МЗР
  • Калькулятор калорий МЗР
  • Калькулятор калорий МЗР


Maximally charged diary of nutrition and training with the largest proven database of products and exercises and the widest possibilities.
There is a browser version for the PC – site https://health-diet.ru/

Free basic version includes:

Calculator of calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates for each meal (up to 9 meals) and per day, in grams and percent of normal. The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates as a percentage of calories.
Selection of the calorie corridor and BJU taking into account the goal : for weight loss, weight gain or maintenance. Setting your calorie standards, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and any other nutrients.
Accounting for water and fiber , as well as sodium and vitamin C in the diet.
A unique calculation of the chemical composition of ready meals taking into account the loss of mass, water, macronutrients and the destruction of vitamins during heat treatment.
A proven product database of more than 7000 items with a complete chemical composition (calorie content, bju, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other nutrients)
An expanded database of products from manufacturers and brands from more than 150,000 items with caloric content and composition of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
Create your own products and recipes.

An extensive base of strength and cardio exercises with photos and descriptions, as well as playing sports and outdoor sports
Calorie Consumption for all types of exercises.
Combining approaches in dropset and exercises in superset.
Create your own exercises.
Ability to set any speed for running, walking, Scandinavian walking and cycling due to the Distance / Time parameters, as well as elevation and weight. And the calculation of energy consumption, taking into account all these parameters.
Ready-made training programs for women and men for various purposes (weight gain, strength growth, relief), in the gym and at home.

Weight Charts and more than 10 other body measurements.
Health Diary: blood sugar, pressure, women’s calendar.
Publishing diaries and recipes on a social network, communication, support, searching for like-minded people.
Healthy Weight Loss Course – basic knowledge of physiology and energy metabolism in order to lose weight wisely, as well as improve health, burn fat while maintaining muscle mass + a step-by-step action plan to achieve your goal.
Recipes for a healthy diet created by our users: low-calorie desserts, the most wholesome meals for everyday meals, recipes for a keto diet, recipes for a low-carb diet.


Advanced features of the full version:

Counting over 30 vitamins and minerals.
Counting omega-3-6, saturated fatty acids, trans fats.
Directory of the most healthy foods – leaders in the content of vitamins and minerals.
Energy balance analysis , weight change forecast.
Sodium and potassium balance , nutrient sources, diet rating and other reports.
Quick fill functionality: favorites, copying diaries, etc.

Analysis of the development of muscle groups.
Analysis of regularity, dynamics and progression of loads.
Create your own training programs.
Quick Fill Functionality


GIFT FOR ACTIVE USERS : UNLIMITED ACCESS TO FULL VERSION for publishing on the social network of our application

Internet and registration are required to use the application.

Help us become better: send questions, suggestions and error messages to tech support at support@health-diet.ru

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