Logo İşbaşı – Ön Muhasebe & e-Fatura

Logo İşbaşı – Ön Muhasebe & e-Fatura

Logo Kobi Dijital Hizmetler A.Ş.
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  • Logo İşbaşı – Ön Muhasebe & e-Fatura
  • Logo İşbaşı – Ön Muhasebe & e-Fatura
  • Logo İşbaşı – Ön Muhasebe & e-Fatura
  • Logo İşbaşı – Ön Muhasebe & e-Fatura
  • Logo İşbaşı – Ön Muhasebe & e-Fatura


Online Pre-Accounting on the web with Logo İşbaşı.

Quickly and easily cut your invoice from mobile, web, and share it with your customers instantly.

Logo İşbaşı, the online pre-accounting program developed with over 36 years of industry experience of Logo Yazılım, which has gained the trust of more than 200,000 companies and hundreds of thousands of users, provides business owners with speed, convenience and cost advantages in managing their businesses.

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, technical support consultants, authorized services, lawyers, real estate consultants, pharmacists, agencies … No matter what sector you operate in, you can benefit from the cloud-based Logo İşbaşı product.

With Logo İşbaşı, which is the first and only pre-accounting application that issues invoices with a voice command, businesses; Invoice Tracking, Order Tracking, Income Tracking, Stock Tracking, Check Entry, Current Account Tracking, Cash-Bank Tracking, e-Invoice and e-Archive Billing solutions from anywhere with internet access – computer, tablet or smart mobile phone- they can use

In addition, with the Smart Receipt Reading Feature that you can use free of charge, when you take a photo of your expense receipts, it turns into an automatic expense record.

With our bank integration feature, which you can use for free, your account movements in different banks are automatically transferred to your pre-accounting program.

With our Financial Advisor Panel feature, you can increase your productivity by working with your financial advisor in a digital environment. To use the financial advisor panel, all you have to do is invite your financial advisor / accountant to Logo İşbaşı account.

Features That Differentiate The Product

• It is the first product in the world that can issue bills with voice on mobile devices.

• The bills you make on your mobile devices on the web; You can follow up the invoices you make on the web online on your mobile devices.

• You can save the invoice you will issue, send it to your customers or accountant via e-mail before printing it, and cut it by controlling it.

• You will not have to use a calculator for VAT, SCT and Withholding calculations, and you will be able to have these calculations done automatically by the application.

• “On what date did I sell what to whom?” You will not be lost among the documents; you will be able to follow the invoices you make on behalf of your company from the web or mobile devices from anywhere, at any time.

• You will be able to track the list sales prices of your products through the system.

• You will be able to access your current cards, view your contact persons and contact information in your current accounts whenever you want, from anywhere. Even if you do not issue an invoice, you will be able to follow up your current cards in the system.

• If you are an e-invoice and e-archive payer, you can follow up all your e-government transactions related to invoices.

• As you grow your business, as soon as you decide to use other products of Logo Yazılım, you will not need to take action for invoices issued in the past, and you will be able to see this data in other ERP products you have preferred by Logo Yazılım.

You can free download Logo İşbaşı – Ön Muhasebe & e-Fatura for Android. Veadug.com - international multiplatform portal of mobile applications and games. Download Logo İşbaşı – Ön Muhasebe & e-Fatura free of the developer Logo Kobi Dijital Hizmetler A.Ş. and use with pleasure.

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Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.4 and up
  • Category Finance
  • Developer Logo Kobi Dijital Hizmetler A.Ş.
  • Content Rating 3+