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Dive into the world of Blockchain gaming with the world’s No.1 Blockchain game “MyCryptoHeroes”. We use Blockchain technology to give you full ownership over your heroes and weapons. Battle with them inside the game, then trade them for higher value outside.

Your time, investment, and passion becomes your assets. Build the value of your heroes and weapons by playing and winning inside the game.

What is My Crypto Heroes?
My Crypto Heroes is a turn-based battle game. Gather historical heroes, level them up, acquire extensions, and aim to be at the top of the Crypto World. This game features quests, weekly tournaments, and a ranked battle system. Additionally, we’ve created an economy inside the game that ensures your assets increase in value the more you play.

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What you can do in this app
★Automatically create an account that is stored on the Blockchain. It’s called a ‘wallet’.

★Manage your assets in a safe and easy environment
We’ve abstracted away with all the complex setups of Blockchain wallets. With this app, you simply choose a password to sign your transactions and you’re all set.
Your wallet stores all of your assets – At any time you can send them to other wallets of your choice.

★Import Account
Already using another wallet? No problem! You can easily import your existing wallets into this app.

※What are NFTs?
NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token” which are Unique Digital Assets stored on the blockchain. In My Crypto Heroes, Heroes, Extensions, and LandSectors are all NFTs that have real value outside the game.

Developer of this app: tokenPocket Inc.
My Crypto Heroes is powered by double Inc.

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Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 5.0 and up
  • Category Role Playing
  • Developer tokenPocket inc
  • Content Rating 3+