mObywatel – publiczna aplikacja mobilna

mObywatel – publiczna aplikacja mobilna

Kancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrów
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  • mObywatel – publiczna aplikacja mobilna
  • mObywatel – publiczna aplikacja mobilna
  • mObywatel – publiczna aplikacja mobilna
  • mObywatel – publiczna aplikacja mobilna
  • mObywatel – publiczna aplikacja mobilna


Thanks to the application:
you show your data safely,
you realize eRecept without providing your PESEL number,
you confirm driver’s qualifications,
you check penalty points,
you show your car details,
you use mLegitymacja, you travel with UCC,
you have discounts with the Big Family Card,
you show MKA and tickets
The publisher of the application is the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.
How to activate the application?
• Create a Trusted Profile, go to the website (on a computer):
• Disable any software that interrupts sessions when switching between applications (eg “battery saver”, system optimization, economy mode, etc.).
• Run the application.
• Please read the given information.
• Select “Add your first document” – on the list select, for example, mObywat.
• Confirm that “you are you” using:
– Trusted Profile (banking, official, temporary),
– eDocument and eDO App,
– bank credentials.
• If you want to run mLegitymacja, download the code at the school / university (scan it by selecting mLegitymacja from the list of documents).
Technical support. Tel .: +48422535474 (working days, 7-18), e-mail:

What documents and services can you find in the app?

mObywatel (formerly mTożsamość)
A simple way to identify yourself (show your data). Where? Almost everywhere – e.g. on trains, during elections, when putting on loyalty cards, when picking up a “registered letter” at the post office, at the gym, at the store, at the reception, at the clinic, for other services.
From mObywatela (mTożsamości) you will not use in a situation where the law requires you to present your ID card or passport (e.g. at a bank, at the airport, at a notary, registering your SIM card, during some official activities).

EU COVID Certificate – UCC (other names: Green Certificate, Passport, EU Digital COVID Certificate)
The digital certificate is to facilitate the free travel of European Union citizens during a pandemic.
The European COVID Certificate proves that a person:
▪ has had the COVID-19 disease,
▪ has a negative COVID-19 test result,
▪ has been vaccinated against COVID-19,

The digital COVID certificate is:
▪ voluntary,
▪ free,
▪ issued in the form of a QR code,
▪ available in the national language and in English,
▪ safe,
▪ valid in all EU countries.

Where – apart from the mObywat application – I can find the EU COVID certificate?
▪ Internet Patient Account (IKP) –,
▪ MojeIKP application.

Show the pharmacist the QR code. You do not need to provide your PESEL number .
Source: Patient Online Account

mDriving license (driving license) and penalty point counter
Traditional driving license entitlements and penalty points (updated at 6 am).

Big Family Card (KDR)
mKDR – a mobile Big Family Card.

Data from the registration certificate, vehicle card and third party insurance policy (you must be “entered in the proof”).

School and student registration
You will get the activation code at school or at the dean’s office (formal condition: agreement between the school / university and the Chancellery of the Prime Minister).

Bilkom – Train tickets (requires internet)
Tickets bought at and
PKP Informatyka service.

Małopolska Agglomeration Card
Thanks to it you can show previously purchased tickets.

Permissions The application asks, among others o access to the phone service – to read the IMEI number in older devices.
Data security. Information stored on the phone is encrypted and signed with a certificate. Access is protected by a password that you set when activating the application.
More information. See and to the Public Information Bulletin.

You can free download mObywatel – publiczna aplikacja mobilna for Android. - international multiplatform portal of mobile applications and games. Download mObywatel – publiczna aplikacja mobilna free of the developer Kancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrów and use with pleasure.

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Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 6.0 and up
  • Category Productivity
  • Developer Kancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrów
  • Content Rating 3+