Муж на Час прямо сейчас

Муж на Час прямо сейчас

Victor P.
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  • Муж на Час прямо сейчас
  • Муж на Час прямо сейчас
  • Муж на Час прямо сейчас
  • Муж на Час прямо сейчас
  • Муж на Час прямо сейчас


Business time – fun hour,
Knows this “Husband for an Hour”

New for companies!
We have taught our application to combine Masters into groups and receive orders only from your company.
Interesting? Write, we will tell.

The application “Husband for an Hour Right Now” will help you save time looking for Clients and Masters.
In it you will find the following categories of services:
– electrician
– plumber
– cleaning services
– a carpenter
– cargo transportation
– movers
– repair of TV, PC and other equipment
– car service services
– worker at the site
– other

The application is available in all cities of Russia. You can select a city from the TOP list of cities by clicking on the sign-shaped icon, or enter your city manually. The TOP list of cities is constantly increasing depending on the geography and the number of registered users.

It is enough for the client:
1) register in the application
2) choose the required service
3) create an order for a specific master from the list or all active masters of your city, indicating: where? what? when?

The application will be received by the Master in a few minutes. You just have to wait for a call from the Master and discuss the details.
In the application, you do everything for free, you pay for the work personally to the Master. Do not forget to rate the work of the Master. Your assessment will help other Clients in their choice, and the Masters will help to improve their quality.

The wizard needs to create a profile by specifying:
1) your name, photo of yourself and your work
2) indicate the description and prices of your services
and you are immediately ready to accept orders from Clients.

Each new Master is provided with a grace period of 3 months, after their end, the grace period will be automatically extended by 30 days each time until you receive your first order of a Personal order. After receiving the first order, you will be asked to obtain a PRO-status. The PRO-status includes only maintaining your profile as a Master, you continue to use the application itself for free.

3.Principle of work
The client selects the desired service in the application and creates an order: Personal or General. A personal order is created for a specific Master from the list. If the Master did not take the order (for any reason) within 20 minutes, then the Client can make the order Common for all the Masters in his city.
The master receives the order and contacts the Client. The client can make one order to several Masters and choose any of them at his discretion. Thus, the Master should be on standby, not the Client. In this case, the application does not have to be constantly open, BUT it is necessary to launch the application at least once every 3 months, otherwise your profile will be deleted without notification as unused. It is important for us to keep the base of masters up to date.

When you receive an order, you will receive a pop-up notification or SMS. The order will display the necessary data specified by the client and the “Call the client” button.
Do not disregard the orders you received or notifications about them. If you cannot fulfill the order at the specified time, agree to postpone it or explain to the Client why you cannot accept the order. Leave a positive impression about yourself as a Master, and then the Client will leave a positive review about you.
The client has the right to leave a negative comment on the order if you did not contact him within the first 12 hours after sending you an SMS notification or within the first 6 hours after receiving the order in the application, which may negatively affect your rating as a whole.

if necessary, the Client / Master can change his profile through the “Change profile” button. But keep in mind that while in one profile, you will not be able to receive messages / notifications / orders intended for another profile. Therefore, before closing the application, do not forget to return to the desired profile.

4. Important !!!
If you do not launch the application for 6 months in a row, then the system considers you to be an inactive user and deletes information about you without notice !!!

5. Thank you for reading to the end.

You can free download Муж на Час прямо сейчас for Android. Veadug.com - international multiplatform portal of mobile applications and games. Download Муж на Час прямо сейчас free of the developer Victor P. and use with pleasure.

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Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.0 and up
  • Category House & Home
  • Developer Victor P.
  • Content Rating 3+