Paraclisul Maicii Domnului

Paraclisul Maicii Domnului

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  • Paraclisul Maicii Domnului
  • Paraclisul Maicii Domnului
  • Paraclisul Maicii Domnului
  • Paraclisul Maicii Domnului
  • Paraclisul Maicii Domnului


Chapel (Greek paraklesis in trad. “To call”) is a service of specific prayer for the living (unlike requiem, which is a service for the dead). Most often, this prayer is addressed to the Virgin, but can be used to ask the intercession of any other saint.

What are chapels? Acatistelor are similar jobs, which ask the Virgin or other saints to make our Brilliant besides God to deliver us out of trouble and needs. (The Greek word parahlisis means invocation, call, prayer, intercession). Chapels read “the whole loathing soul and in time of need” (Horologion). Prayers consist of ordinary rookie, followed by tropes and CONDACSE. The captain of a completely new form canon ode or song. After he read the Gospel and are litanies earnest as lithium. In ceasloavele latest, we have two chapels to the Blessed Mother of God, and is honest ceasloavele oldest chapel of the Holy Sepulcher. Especially in churches and monasteries chapel service is with the lithium in the evening, on the eve. Chapels can read at home every believer, as Acatistele.

Every time you ask the Virgin Mary to know that prayer will be heard. “All prayers Virgin are souls grieved souls despairing, those who can not bear the burden of weight, which are broken into two, are heartbroken. ..

Chapel of Our Lady can be done anytime, but especially in the Dormition Fast.

This chapel is playing sorrow soul and in time of need.

This application contains:

Chapel of the Theotokos
The second chapel to the Blessed Mother of God
Chapel of the Holy Paraschiva
Holy Great Martyr Euphemia Chapel
Chapel of the Holy Hierarch Luke
Chapel of St. Catherine the Great Martyr
Chapel of Saint Pious Patapios
Chapel of St. Nicholas Planas
Sfântulul Martyr Chapel Fanurie
Chapel Apostle Cleopas
Canon chapel of Our Father Sava sanctified
Chapel of the Holy Martyr Agatha
Prayers to Our Lady
Videos – it requires an internet connection

-Paraclisul Holy Virgin Coatings AUDIO

Christian Agenda
-Orthodox calendar
Orthodox -Stiri
-Evanghelia Day
-Rugaciune Day
Orthodox -radio
-Holy Bible – pdf

This application comes to your aid to be closer to God and follow His Word!

May the Mother of God to enlighten you and guide you.

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Thank you!

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