Sanal Basın: Tüm Gazeteler, Son Dakika Haberleri

Sanal Basın: Tüm Gazeteler, Son Dakika Haberleri

ProDESTEK Bilişim Ltd. Şti.
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  • Sanal Basın: Tüm Gazeteler, Son Dakika Haberleri
  • Sanal Basın: Tüm Gazeteler, Son Dakika Haberleri
  • Sanal Basın: Tüm Gazeteler, Son Dakika Haberleri
  • Sanal Basın: Tüm Gazeteler, Son Dakika Haberleri
  • Sanal Basın: Tüm Gazeteler, Son Dakika Haberleri


Virtual Press breaking news application; web and mobile environments operating in Turkey the most comprehensive and objective “Mashup Media” project. On the Web it is published in address.

Virtual Press; users all over the papers and the breaking news of internet media, which enables Browse fast and practical way to journals, clean interface, reporting, and performance in the newspaper report, the last-minute news sources without wasting time users need to have your absolutely best with the transport ability of the most important breaking news, newspapers application.

National newspapers and news sites to over 1,200 across the local country, journals advanced bot software and systems meet the continuously scans the users of the latest breaking news, as well as where you can follow the author over 8,000 across the country, author of privatization can be Turkey’s most comprehensive article search feature It has. Virtual Press news every day from over 10,000 newspapers and news sites and article links to the content portfolio is recorded.

Virtual Press last-minute news, newspapers and magazines highlighting the main features of the application include:

are calculated by Virtual Press published the priorities of local newspapers Alexa data, all the newspapers in the application, news sites, magazines ideas and differences of opinion are definitely the place to find itself without considering the publication. Rankings are updated automatically by the system every Sunday newspapers, news sites, magazines are sorted automatically.

Our application automatically associate your favorite your Gmail account, the papers you follow for breaking news, writer, newspaper headlines, magazine by synchronizing with our news server to ensure continuous and uninterrupted service, application favorite newspapers if they want our users, news can be opened with sites and magazines, the latest news It may follow.

The user can filter the data using our Virtual Press pool of millions of news they have chosen keywords in, they are able to not only control the flow of breaking news and the news they are interested in all the newspapers.

Our users, including national and local newspapers, over 500 applications being able to follow on the first page, can create favorite lists. Desktop and mobile environment is the only application Virtual Press news app, you can reach such a wide range of content and breaking news on the front page of local newspapers.

“News” Headlines “,” Sports “,” Economy “last-minute news of all national newspapers in the category can be up on the latest article of the authors, favorite news list can be created.

All authors can be monitored via the newspaper which they belong, it is included in the list of favorite writers read constantly, so one day break the flow of the article can be achieved.

Each province’s most popular followed by newspapers, magazines, “local newspapers” under the menu writers, newspapers can be monitored over the first page of favorites.

The world’s most popular newspapers, magazines, news sites and applications can be monitored using the country filter, breaking news can be read in the newspaper.

Turkey’s most popular magazines are published under different categories and can be followed on the Virtual Press. popularity ranking of the journals are arranged according to Alexa.

Our users via social media services are installed on the phone can easily share breaking news with everyone.

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