Сетелем – Мой Банк (старая версия)

Сетелем – Мой Банк (старая версия)

«Сетелем Банк» ООО
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  • Сетелем – Мой Банк (старая версия)
  • Сетелем – Мой Банк (старая версия)
  • Сетелем – Мой Банк (старая версия)
  • Сетелем – Мой Банк (старая версия)
  • Сетелем – Мой Банк (старая версия)


• View the schedule of payments
• Learn the date and amount of the next payment
• Check the date and amount of the last incoming payment
• Control the amount of arrears
• Specify whether the contract is closed

Manage your finances
• Learn the amount of full or partial early repayment of the loan
• Book early repayment

Make payments on the loan, NOT FROM HOME
• Carry out a loan payment
• Pay for all types of credit products of the bank
You are in constant contact with the banks
• Send requests, claims and other appeals to the bank
• Get answers to your appeal directly to the mobile app

Receive prompt access to critical information
• Find the closest to your service area on the map
• Specify details of how the loan repayment
• Find out about special offers for registration of cash loans

• A full range of system options, “My Bank” is available on the mobile device after the introduction of authorization data of your credit agreement

We are constantly working to improve the quality of service provided and would be grateful if you can help us make the mobile application more convenient! Share your comments by filling in the feedback form on the Bank’s website, in the section “Contact us» – https://www.cetelem.ru/lenta-obrascheniy/zadat-vopros/

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Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.4 and up
  • Category Finance
  • Developer «Сетелем Банк» ООО
  • Content Rating 3+