Славянские руны и символы

Славянские руны и символы

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  • Славянские руны и символы
  • Славянские руны и символы
  • Славянские руны и символы
  • Славянские руны и символы
  • Славянские руны и символы


Slavic culture more than one thousand years, the Slavs have always evoked respect from other nations for their industriousness and strong spirit. Many famous than our ancestors left for their descendants runes, symbols and talismans endowed with the power that can both heal and harm.

In the appendix we have collected 18 known Slavic runes describing and survived the Slavic symbols and charms that can be used in esoteric purposes and embroidery decoration or something. However, before something to draw or sew, you need to understand the meaning and purpose of the sign, and what features are characteristic of his nature. To do this, and it was created by the application. After all, the runes – a Slavic alphabet of our forefathers.

Attached you will find:
– Slavic runes with a full description of each.
– Slavic amulets, and a full description.
– Guessing on the Slavic runes.
– Frequently Asked Questions in this area.

We are pleased to hear your suggestions for the program, you can send them through the application form on the page (the one that sends the email to the developer).

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