Smart Astana (Смарт Астана)

Smart Astana (Смарт Астана)

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  • Smart Astana (Смарт Астана)
  • Smart Astana (Смарт Астана)
  • Smart Astana (Смарт Астана)
  • Smart Astana (Смарт Астана)
  • Smart Astana (Смарт Астана)


The Smart Astana application is aimed at improving the quality of life and well-being of residents of the city of Nur-Sultan. Residents and guests of the city are given the opportunity to use online services for free and receive important information instantly.
This application was also created to turn the city of Nur Sultan into the “Smart City”. As you know, Smart City uses information and communication technologies (ICT) to improve the quality, productivity and interactivity of city services, reduces costs and resource consumption, and improves contact between citizens and the akimat.
The sectors of this application include the services of akimat, transport and transportation, energy, healthcare, education and culture. The application serves as a bridge between residents and local governments. Thus, a resident can observe an improvement in responses and speed of response to calls and calls.
Services of the Smart Astana mobile application:
 Sending applications to the ECC iKomek 109;
 Make an appointment with the akimat;
 Checking the validity period of vehicle inspection;
 Find a local inspector;
 Check administrative fines;
 Authentication of sick leave;
 Verification of the authenticity and validity of sanitary books;
 tax debt verification;
 Make an appointment with a doctor;
 Call a doctor at home;
 Top-up points and terminals of Astana LRT transport cards on the map;
 Checking and replenishing the balance of transport cards Astana LRT;
 Online payment of toll roads KazAvtoZhol;
 Check and instant replenishment of the balance of elevator cards;
 Find your KSK;
 Transmission of water meter readings;
 Search for service centers AstanaEnergosbyt;
 Payment Astana SEC;
 Sealing of water meters;
 Alerts about weather, changes in bus routes, cancellation of classes in schools;
 Reading QR codes of sick leave, to form the ranking of doctors, retail facilities;
 Wishes to improve the application and much more.
The application involves residents in the process of becoming the capital in the “Smart City”. The democratic policy of the application allows anyone who has a mobile phone to use it. Accessibility, convenience and simplicity should undoubtedly involve the resident in the use of this application. The trend towards becoming a Smart City begins with each resident and with local government. This application, linking these two links, plays a responsible and relevant role.

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Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 5.0 and up
  • Category Social
  • Developer Астана Innovations
  • Content Rating 3+