Ta Là Quan Lão Gia – 100D

Ta Là Quan Lão Gia – 100D

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  • Ta Là Quan Lão Gia – 100D
  • Ta Là Quan Lão Gia – 100D
  • Ta Là Quan Lão Gia – 100D
  • Ta Là Quan Lão Gia – 100D
  • Ta Là Quan Lão Gia – 100D


Game Ta La Quan Lao Gia is a game with the theme of royal coffin, promotion and promotion, step by step taking power! Vibrantly recreating the life of Quan Lao Gia, since getting married to give birth, fostering Mon Guest, PK Alliance, bonding family members, and gradually getting caught up in the extremely intense battles for the throne!

Come to Me La Quan Lao Gia to come to: THE WAR FULL SERVER OF THE CROSSES

The story begins when you are not in the Qing dynasty, becoming a commoner but caught up in a war of throne. Can you be the final winner, claiming the King? From here, launched the battle of the whole Server contested Ngai Bau of power. The entire army entered the war, only you were worthy of the title “Emperor”!


【The strongest martial artist – The Disciple System】
Dozens of famous or famous Chinese mandarins will become your guests in your palace. Fostering the martial arts that you love, creating a powerful force that belongs only to you!

【Excellent beauty – Day and night company】
The school buildings in the past are lonely, fortunately there are beauties always by your side! Dieu Boat, Tay Thi, Vo Me Nuong and thousands of beauties are lovingly welcoming Dai Nhan back to the palace.

【Aegis battle- Indomitable】
In a fierce struggle, Dai Nhan is civilized and civilized, but does he make his people respect? Hurry to the Nha Mon thesis to find the true regal leader of the gods.

【Promoting the Alliance – Build landscapes】
Together with other Alliance members to set up tactics, defeat the enemy, build famous famous works, not only strengthening the solidarity between members, but also receiving many noble titles.

【Love Queen Lang- Pursuing the Party】
The remnants of the previous court relentlessly sabotaged your path of proclaiming, hurrying to shake hands with the school bureaucrats to sweep the raging party.

I Am A Quan Lao Gia with simple gameplay but can complete your KNIFE!

Facebook : I Am Quan Lao Gia
Contact email : talaquanlaogia2021@gmail.com

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Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.4 and up
  • Category Strategy
  • Developer 100 Game
  • Content Rating 12+