Animation apps – bring your images to life

Picture: MarketSplash

To get started, consider applications for creating and editing 2D animation. Some programs are ideal for beginners, while others are more recommended for computer graphics professionals.


Animation apps – bring your images to life

Picture: Moho Animation Software

This is a professional application that allows you to create beautiful 2D animation. You can work in it using a graphics tablet, create a storyboard, and process the image in layers. There are many tools for drawing your objects. The program also has its own library of drawn objects and living beings. The program can work with the Unity engine, designed to create computer games. There is a download of scenes, and you can also add a background, video or audio track. Moho has everything you need to create a realistic skeleton.

Synfig Studio

A free and open source 2D animation application. Developers can be sent money for the work done, but this is voluntary. Intermediate frames are made automatically. There is morphing, animation for the skeleton, as well as a huge number of filters. You can impose a light shading on the object due to gradients along the contours. Effects can be used both on layers and on groups of layers.

Animation apps – bring your images to life

Picture: Synfig

The program works with vector graphics, but you can also import raster images. You can work with it on a graphics tablet. Moreover, with such an interaction, the stronger the user presses on the workspace, the thicker the drawn line is. Color reproduction is correct due to HDRI. The application is fully Russified and is suitable for operating systems Windows, Linux.

The disadvantages of the Synfig Studio program include a not very convenient user interface, as well as the fact that during operation it heavily loads the RAM. Sometimes there are difficulties with exporting media.


Animation apps – bring your images to life

Picture: Pencil2D Animation

This program is also distributed free of charge. You can work with both raster and vector images in it, and you can switch between these graphics formats at any time. The application is limited to the classic set for creating drawings. Pencil2D is ideal for beginners. The disadvantages include the fact that the program is not suitable for working on complex, serious projects.


Professional open source application. It can be used for free for both personal and commercial purposes.

Animation apps – bring your images to life

Picture: OpenToonz

It is noteworthy that this particular program was used to create such well-known animated projects as “SpongeBob”, “Futurama”. It can modify both raster and vector graphic documents. OpenToonz can interact with a tablet. The application has a large number of different tools. Properly using them together, it will turn out to create beautiful effects. There are enough possibilities to create skeletal animation.

Adobe Animate

This program is suitable for working on 3D animation. It has many tools for working on illustrations. You can edit an existing image or create a new one. You can overlay audio tracks on images or add videos to your projects. The program works with both vector and raster graphics. There is a library in which a lot of already drawn objects are collected.

Animation apps – bring your images to life

Picture: Adobe

A feature of the application is that it has everything you need to create interactive animation, which is subsequently used in computer games, programs, as well as on websites. The full functionality of the program is free only for the first week of use.

Adobe After Effects

High-quality program for working on two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation. In addition, it allows you to make changes to videos. This application is often used by motion designers.

Animation apps – bring your images to life

Picture: Adobe

The program is ideal for creating a beautiful design. So, in it you can make impressive infographics, extraordinary interfaces, as well as titles that are unique in their appearance. There are many ready-made templates to save time when working on a project. In Adobe After Effects, you can bring almost anything to life. It is this application that is often used to create advertisements, clips for songs. Often it is used in cinematic projects.