Clubhouse – social network with voice communication

Picture: Clubhouse

The app made a splash when a lot of people dreamed of being there to listen to the conversation. Many celebrities have used the Clubhouse to share their secrets.

How does Clubhouse work?

Downloading the Clubhouse app is just the first step, and it doesn’t get you into the conference. To listen to the speech of famous people who share useful tips, you need to get an invitation. Only another user can give an invite (or invitation). Friends can approve, so sometimes people invite their friends, increasing the number of users on the social network.

The place where the conference takes place is called the room. Communication takes place in audio format. Users can create rooms themselves and distribute invitations. Some rooms are open to all users, others exist only for friends and acquaintances. You can also schedule the creation of the room at the desired time. Accordingly, people will be able to schedule participation in the conference.

The people who speak in the room are called speakers. People tend to get to the conference, where the speakers are successful people. At such meetings, you can learn a lot of useful information.

There are also clubs – these are groups formed on the basis of interests.

Clubhouse – social network with voice communication

Picture: Clubhouse

Usage rules

Clubhouse is an unusual social network that doesn’t have the usual likes. But there is a ban or in other words a ban. If a person interfered during the conference or behaved disgustingly, then he will be banned. His profile will still exist, however, after the ban it will not be possible to create rooms.

The ban occurs after complaints from other conference participants. The duration of such blocking is one day. It is not possible to appeal the ban decision because the conferences are not recorded. The speaker’s speech is not recorded by the application, users do not have the right to record unless they have received prior permission from the speaker. No one controls whether other users are recording, so some recordings from rooms can be found on other social networks.

How to find the right conference?

Any user does not want to enter and leave the room, I want to immediately listen to an interesting discussion. To do this, it is enough to indicate your interests for the application to independently select a room. You can also subscribe to interesting people and wait for them to start the conference.

Clubhouse – social network with voice communication

Picture: Clubhouse

Social Network Perspective

Initially, the application mattered for those who like to chat with friends. It is also important to mention that there is no guarantee that the recording of the conversation will not be leaked to the network or that it will not be passed on to third parties. Therefore, while you should be careful with this social network. At the very beginning, the platform was intended for holding concerts or events with speakers online. Then his possibilities increased.

Now it is a platform for podcasts that are gaining popularity. Gradually, the social network will become even more popular by attracting interesting and extraordinary personalities as speakers. The more successful people share information with people, the more users the app will get.

There is a theory that Clubhouse will go to naught as soon as a new application with similar but improved features appears.

Clubhouse can become a source of income?

Any social network sooner or later becomes profitable for users. At the moment there are no schemes for monetization, because the application is still under development. However, there are mechanisms worked out on other platforms. The speaker can embed ads in his speech, a similar method is typical for podcasts. So far, companies are not very interested in advertising through Clubhouse, since it does not have statistics that could be consulted after the conference to confirm the effectiveness of advertising.

It is almost impossible to make money on what was said during the conference, but having understood the social network, you can monetize the help to those who do not understand how it works. Companies that want to host a conference through Clubhouse are willing to shell out a hefty amount of money to have someone set up everything for them to have a conversation. The average price tag for such a service reaches 20,000. There was also a need for managers who would think over the content for the Clubhouse. Some companies are looking for a presenter who can competently build his speech, drawing attention to the brand’s products.

Additional benefits of Clubhouse

At conferences you can meet interesting people who will help in development. You can pay attention to the development of your account, while there are not so many users on the social network. It’s pretty easy to get an audience. Having a large number of subscribers increases the opportunity to receive offers of cooperation, and it will also allow you to invite famous speakers. This will allow you to advertise your other social networks among those who follow your Clubhouse profile. Thus, thanks to a developed account, you can increase the activity and engagement of users in other social networks without investment.

Clubhouse – social network with voice communication

Picture: Clubhouse

According to the development strategy of the application, it will soon be possible to create a subscription to groups. Thus, by selling the opportunity to listen to successful speakers, you can increase your income.

Is Clubhouse worth the effort?

The application is not suitable for making money, but it is great for learning. Speakers share their secrets for free. It also gives you the opportunity to chat with your idol. People who study foreign languages ​​will be able to find a native speaker to talk to. Therefore, for the sake of developing and establishing useful connections, a social network can come in handy.

Thus, the sensational Clubhouse can be turned into a source of income, if you understand it properly, in addition to earning money, you can gain valuable knowledge that will help you develop in other areas of life.