Diablo 3 – a masterpiece from Blizzard

Picture: Nintendo

The gaming industry resembles sports in many ways – development teams compete in the size of the audience of the games they produce, publishers are arbitrators and coaches at the same time. Bookmakers here would work like gold mines, because you never know exactly which project will be at the top and which at the bottom.

So, at the time of the release of Diablo 3, the bookmakers would have closed, simply because everyone knows very well that the game will be a hit with the highest scores in the ratings.

After 16 years, Blizzard was able to repeat its success, the new game was able to force thousands of fans of the game to lock themselves at home and, without breaks for food and rest, “calling” the evil spirits.

The plot of the game is a continuation of Diablo 2, according to which there will be a meeting with the archangel Tyrael, who offers to finally kill the restless Devil.

Game mechanics

The mechanics of the game remained unchanged – we still destroy the enemies climbing from all the cracks in crowds, pump the hero to the limit, tirelessly pick up loot and every few minutes we rush to the city where you can sell unnecessary trash and buy the necessary equipment, use the services of a blacksmith or jeweler, you can just take a break from the feats of arms.

However, in spirit, Diablo 3 is seriously different from its predecessor. Diablo 2 is a gothic RPG that didn’t follow the player around with hints and please them. Now in the game you can open a portal to the city completely free of charge and identify an item, equipment practically does not wear out and does not break, the fast travel function is always on, etc.

Diablo 3 – a masterpiece from Blizzard

Picture: blizzard.com

Now you no longer have to solve pressing issues, such as where to put the blue bottles of “manna”, they are simply not in the game.

Each class – barbarian, sorcerer, sorcerer, monk and demon hunter – has its own special kind of energy. As is now fashionable, this energy is restored by itself, as the player mows down the ranks of enemies.

Obviously, a lot has changed in the 12 years that have passed since the release of the previous part, the developers could not ignore the fashion – it became “pleasant and convenient” to play. And this is justified, because we are used to comfort, there is no desire to mess with equipment, shuffle scrolls and bottles of potions for a long time.

Diablo 3 characters

The character development system causes the greatest complaints from the players: most of it works without any intervention on your part, all character parameters increase independently, and access to skills appears in turn at each level. Also a story with runes that add various effects and skills. The choice to teach or not to teach is not worth it at all. The idea is that the player shuffles skills and abilities in order to adapt the character to a certain situation, for example, to emphasize speed or the ability to blind the enemy. But this is hardly needed. The game seems too simple, and you involuntarily ask yourself – were the previous parts like that?

Decorating items with jewels seems like a waste of time. From stage to stage the game becomes more difficult, but until the very end it plays itself. And it seems to be great, you can completely devote yourself to clearing the game world from monsters, without being distracted by numbers and indicators. But sometimes it becomes simply ridiculous – one of the main villains, the witch Magda, scares us for half the game, and then dies completely un-heroically, in just half a minute.

The balance of characters is also not ideal, the barbarian and the monk are much cooler than their colleagues in the craft of destroying Evil. We hope that this imbalance will be corrected by the developers. An interesting fact – despite the huge number of innovations, in many insignificant and little noticeable details, the game has remained old-fashioned. Collecting items by simply running over them, as it works with gold, is impossible. It is also impossible to force the hero to hit the selected enemy automatically in order to activate skills in the meantime. As in the previous parts, you need to call the enemies to the death of the latter. It will not work to erase your fingers into the blood, but with due zeal you can strengthen the muscles. Obviously, Diablo 3 is intended for repeated passage, as the developers warned, they say, the normal difficulty level is introductory, and the difficulties will start at higher ones.

Diablo 3 – a masterpiece from Blizzard

Picture: blizzard.com

No matter what they say about Diablo 3, the desire to go through it at least once does not weaken, and there is no strength to resist it. The game is filled with magic: you just want to knock out rare items from the enemy and deal with the next boss that will make you seriously sweat. Finally, I want to enjoy the beautifully drawn world of the game. And all this beauty is now available to the player, you can interact with it: bring down chandeliers, break cabinets, look for hiding places in the floor. I would like to follow the development of the plot, in it, before your eyes, episodes are played out with beautifully voiced dialogues, random meetings and various dramatic twists.

The essence of the game

The essence of the game is simple as the whole gameplay, but the writers managed to present it at the highest level.

Sometimes the game pleases with tasks for individual classes of characters and unexpected quests. Instead of mercenaries – silent and not charismatic, full-fledged companions appeared – each of them boasts his own story, which is revealed as you progress through the game in dialogues that are completely unique for each character class. Well, for connoisseurs of the story passage at the highest level of difficulty in a sincere company, Diablo 3 seems to be just a paradise. The fact is that with such a high complexity of the game and in a cooperative game, you have to seriously think about the choice of equipment and skills.

All Blizzard projects are overgrown with an incredible number of fans ready to find fault with any little thing. And it’s not about dissatisfaction with non-working servers. The game has undergone huge changes, and not everyone is ready to put up with it. Diablo 3 outwardly has become more modern, dynamic and comfortable. And certainly no one will remain indifferent at the sight of such a beautiful game design, wonderfully implemented co-op and the ability to play the game at various difficulty levels.

Diablo 3 is Blizzard’s masterpiece, which has been perfected for so long.