File hosting – share and store your files

Picture: PCMag

For those who want to start getting their extra income on the Internet without investments, consider one of the types of resources with which a newbie on the Internet can get their first money – file hosting.

For those who are not yet in the know, a file sharing service is a special service where any Internet user can register and upload any file to it (not pirated and not very large, but more on that later) and get an individual link to it, by which any other user can download this file. Thus, files are exchanged between people on the network, for which these services got their name.

So how can you make money on file hosting?

Everything is very simple. For every 1000 downloads of your files by other people, these services pay bonuses. Different services pay different, purely individual amounts, which “hang out” on average about $15. You start publishing the file download link provided to you on various forums, blogs, social networks, news sites, etc. The more people download your files, the more your income will be.

Why do file sharing systems pay this money?

Here, too, everything is simple. In fact, they are killing two birds with one stone. In your face, they get for themselves absolutely inexpensive advertising in the form of publications with which you attract people to download your files. They have their own income from all kinds of advertising placed on their service (for free downloads, the user is asked to wait from 30 to 60 seconds, during which advertising is shown), as well as for additional paid services (faster downloads, no ads, the ability to upload large files, the ability to download large volumes, the ability to resume interrupted downloads, etc.). Their income is not commensurate with the payments they provide to you.

How much can you earn on file hosting?

It depends entirely on you. You can make a rough estimate. Let’s say that you have uploaded some popular file to a file hosting service that pays $10 for 1000 downloads. If you post well for this file on 10 highly visited portals, this will give you about 30 downloads from one portal per day, or 300 downloads from 10 sites. In a month, this will give about 9000 downloads, i.e. $90. And if you do the same with two files, with three? That sounds like a pretty good amount to start with. Therefore, everything depends on your desire and diligence.

Where can I get requested files?

The Internet is a big dump of information. Thousands and thousands of files are uploaded daily on the web. Your task is to fish out the necessary and useful things from this dump. Go to popular resources, download the necessary files (it’s free), upload them to your file sharing services and make posts with links to them wherever possible. New films, new programs, desktop wallpapers with stars, music are always in great demand. Daily methodical work in a month – another will bring you already tangible additional earnings on the Internet without investment. Rather, the investment will not be money, but your time and labor.

Summing up

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this method of making money on the Internet:


  • No financial investment required;
  • No special education or deep technical knowledge required;
  • Easy to start;
  • Available even for beginners;


  • To achieve good results, daily routine work is necessary, especially at first;
  • This is a job, not a business. They stopped looking for files, uploading, posting – income eventually (very short) goes to zero;

Be that as it may, file hosting services are able to provide you with a good additional income on the Internet without investments, especially suitable for starting inexperienced users. It will allow you not only to collect a small (and maybe even large) start-up capital for more serious projects, but will also help you get comfortable with many things, such as working with payment systems and electronic money, communicating on forums and social networks, posting on all kinds of portals, working with e-mail, commenting on sites, searching for the necessary resources and information, etc., without which work or business on the Internet is simply impossible.