Firefox: useful and best extensions

Picture: Monticelllo | Dreamstime

The Mozilla Firefox browser is used by the vast majority of webmasters for their work. And last but not least, this is due to the huge number of additions written for him.

However, ordinary Internet users also find the extensions they need only for themselves. This collection contains really useful and best extensions for Firefox.

For those who don’t know. Add-ons or extensions are small programs. They are written most often by third-party developers or even private individuals. These programs complement the main program and significantly expand its functionality. That’s why they’re called that.

Most often, these are specialized programs written for specific tasks. For example, sites in a foreign language often come across in search results. To translate such a page, add-ons have been created – translators.

Anyone can find the necessary extensions for firefox for themselves. To do this, launch the browser, go to the “tools” menu and click on the “add-ons” link. The add-ons control panel will open, with a list of installed add-ons. You need to click the “Get Addons” button. And a list of favorite and gaining popularity add-ons will open.

At the top, click the “more” button or on the right, in the block of gaining popularity – “show all”. And here it is important not to get confused by the huge number of extensions. On the left is a menu of categories by which they are grouped. On the right are the most popular. In the center there is also a lot of things. The same review presents the additions necessary when working with a blog or website.

Best Mozilla Firefox add-ons for webmasters

There are few such extensions in this list. It is not recommended to hang many applications on Firefox. The browser may start to slow down and take a long time to load. Therefore, it is recommended to install only the most necessary ones. Since we are engaged in the creation and development of blogs, the applications are selected accordingly to help in this. There are only four of them. But they are constantly at work, used and therefore useful.

Firebug is a very useful tool for anyone involved in website development, blogging, and the like. With this tool it is very easy to find which element needs to be corrected. Where exactly it is located, which CSS element is responsible for its design. With Firebug you can edit HTML, debug CSS, JavaScript right here and now.

ColorZilla is a color tool. With it, you can find out the color code, choose a color palette. It is very easy to analyze the color palette of the entire site. This tool is related to the previous one and together with it will help you change or adjust the color of your blog. In addition, there is a magnifying glass function. You can enlarge the image on the screen.

Awesome Screenshot is an application that allows you to easily take a screenshot of part of the screen or the entire page. But many programs take screenshots. What is remarkable about this one? And it is notable for the fact that you can immediately correct the picture, write a footnote, circle the desired fragment, draw an arrow, and so on.

Measurelt On – a measure or ruler. With its help, you can measure the size of individual parts of the blog, find out the size of the block for advertising, which will fit in its specific place. A very useful thing that is used quite often.

Useful Firefox add-ons for everyone

In addition to the ones required for working with a blog, you can install several add-ons that are useful to everyone. Here are a few. They are also helpful and helpful. Judge for yourself.

Google Translator for Firefox is a translator app from any language to any other language. Very handy translator. Can translate the whole page. And can translate the selected fragment. To do this, select the desired part of the text. Right-click and select the “translate selection” menu.

Flagfox is a very interesting addition, whether necessary or for fun. Decide for yourself. Once installed, it puts at the end of the address bar a flag for the country in which the server is located, which, in turn, hosts the site you opened.

WOT is an application that helps determine whether an open site is useful or safe. Even this is not an application, but a community of his friends. During installation, you will be prompted to register on their website. After registration and full installation, it will be possible by clicking on the application icon to mark the site you like or, on the contrary, do not like it. And if someone opens a bad site, then the icon of the application installed by him will turn red. A good, useful one will turn green.

How do I install an extension in Firefox?

Installing the Mozilla Firefox browser extension is extremely easy. Once you’ve found it and see fit, just click the “add to firefox” button. It is located right here. You can install the add-ons listed above by copying their names and pasting it into the search bar on the add-ons management page. Some apps will require you to restart your browser to install. That’s all.