Google AdSense – 15 Useful Tips

Picture: Drip Digital

When the only source of income for a site is advertising, one of the best options for making money is the contextual advertising system Google AdSense. Understanding the specifics of this system is quite difficult, especially for novice members of the AdSense system.

Of course, everyone would like to increase their profits in Google AdSense and earn more. This article contains 15 useful AdSense tips that will help everyone increase their income in the system.

15 Useful AdSense Tips

1. The site should, first of all, be created for people, and not for making money. The more you care about people liking the site, the greater the profit will be.

2. Don’t run AdSense ads on pages that don’t have unique content.

3. Never click on a Google AdSense ad on your site yourself, and don’t ask others to do it either. You will be guaranteed a ban, and with it you will not be able to earn more on AdSense, and in some niches it is much more profitable.

4. Promote the resource only with the help of “white hat” methods. Your site will be safe and you will be able to increase profits, and not worry that sooner or later you will not earn anything at all.

5. Do not place other questionable advertisements, in particular, pop-up advertisements, along with AdSense ad units on the site. It is not worth it, besides, various pop-ups only scare the visitor away from the content of the site itself, and therefore reduce the likely high income.

6. Use ad units in the following sizes: 336×280, 300×250, 728×90, 728×15. It is they who are considered the most clickable by those who are well aware of all the intricacies of earning money in AdSense.

7. Combine text and image/multimedia ads, but focus more on text ads. It is also worth considering that only in an experimental way can you achieve an increase in earnings in AdSense – for all sites it is very difficult to give universal recommendations for increasing earnings on the context of Google AdSense.

8. Try to choose the color scheme of advertising blocks so that visitors notice it, but so that it does not irritate them and does not rush into the eyes. Look for the golden mean. Often you can find recommendations that advertising should be invisible and not much different from the fonts, colors that are used throughout the site. This is far from true. As already mentioned, only by experience can you determine which color scheme is most suitable for your site.

9. Place “AdSense for Search” on your site, which does not take up much space, but brings additional income. Most webmasters ignore this way of earning, but in vain. It is worth studying how often your visitors use search on the site and if it is in demand, use Google AdSense for search.

10. Regularly update the site, increase traffic and site positions, which, of course, affects the income and cost per click in AdSense. Website traffic also affects earnings. It’s quite difficult to make big money on context on a site with low traffic, especially if you don’t know how to choose profitable niches and make MFA sites yet.

11. Do not use filters, sometimes this leads to a decrease in the cost per click. And even very often the wrong application of the filter can reduce your earnings on AdSense at times.

12. Be sure to turn on interest-based ads.

13. Don’t forget about link blocks that don’t count towards the total number of ad blocks. In other words, you can place a maximum of three standard ad units and a maximum of three link units on one page.

14. If you are running AdSense ads on multiple sites, keep in mind that one “bad” site will negatively impact your overall performance and drag down other quality sites.

15. Study personal statistics in Google AdSense, analyze the effectiveness and profit from individual ad units, which will allow you to improve your activities and increase profits.

Experiment with block sizes, ad types, and ad placement. Each site has its own characteristics, and through mistakes and experiments, you can achieve results. I wish you success!