Google Trends – Become a Real Marketer

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Google Trends is a service from Google that helps you find out what Internet users around the world are searching for in the Google search engine. You’ll also learn about search query trends in individual countries. You can also learn them over time. You can select real-time data (a sample of the last 7 days) or non-dynamic data. In addition, Google Trends publishes summaries of yearly search trends.

The number of search queries in Google Trends is displayed as an indicator from 0 to 100, where “0” means there is not enough data, and “100” is the most popular term. It allows you to compare interest in passwords at different times in different regions. But having the same index value for a given term in two different regions does not mean that the number of searches in those places is the same. According to the developers of the tool, Google Trends is only a reflection of the level of interest in a given topic, and the rapid growth of any topic does not mean that it has become “popular” or “most important”.

Google Trends – data not only from Google

Google Trends represents Google search engine data as well as search engine data from other Google services such as YouTube or Google News. The creators of the tool also note that they are based on search samples, not the entire data set. This allows the tool to work quickly. However, due to the sampling method used, the data are representative of the entire population.

How to check trends in Google Trends?

To check the trends in Google Trends, go to the official website. Its central part is a search engine into which queries are entered. The following are examples of its use for one or more requests at the same time.

Google Trends – Become a Real Marketer

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The next section of the page contains Featured Content, the latest report on annual trends and topics identified by Google as important for a given country. Below is the results section for the most recent searches. The next section includes annual reports. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find learning materials and incentives to attend Google Trends workshops.

You can also use the menu on the left. This gives you quick access to the search engine, top searches, and the latest annual report. Its “Subscriptions” function allows, in turn, to create an email notification about changing the selected password.

What are the features of Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to compare search queries. Thanks to this tool, you will find out how interest in a given phrase has changed over the years or seasons in a given year. You can also check interest in a given phrase in different countries or around the world. You can also choose between a specific phrase (such as “content marketing”) and a topic, which is a general category that includes various phrases (such as “marketing”). You select a topic when entering a query in the search engine window – then the corresponding auto-suggestion will appear.

Google Trends – how to use it in marketing?

The Google Trends search engine can be used in many different areas of digital marketing such as content marketing, SEO, or online advertising. This tool is also used by digital marketing agencies such as OPF. This is where you need to know if your product or service sells better at certain times of the year. This will be due to the phenomenon of keyword seasonality. , which means that Internet users will be more interested in given topics at certain times of the year and, therefore, start searching for them quite early. Interest in some products is also affected by the weather or different types of shopping opportunities (such as Black Friday or Valentine’s Day).