How to download music to your phone? Overview of top applications

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With a smartphone with Internet access, you can easily and legally listen to your favorite music. You only need to download the appropriate applications. What apps should you choose? Which ones have the largest music database and are the most convenient to use?

Music is available anytime, anywhere

Being able to listen to any music available in the world, anywhere, anytime is a fairly new perk. In the 20th century, this could not even be dreamed of. In previous decades, players dominated, then discmans, portable mp3 players, and finally smartphones.

The ability to listen to music on your phone has, to some extent, contributed to the development of streaming platforms that guarantee easy access to millions of songs at any time. The first such service was Spotify. It was founded in 2006 in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and quickly won the hearts of local users. Another popular solution was Tidal. The difference from Spotify was in the quality of the music offered, which was similar to CD quality.

Although these services are always at hand, there are still situations when we prefer to download music to our phone. This may be due, for example, to a poor Internet connection. Thankfully, Spotify and Tidal can help with this situation.

Spotify – cult, cheap, popular

The service is getting more and more popular. It currently has over 300 million users, and every year there are more and more who decide to upgrade their account to the Premium version.

The app is available on both platforms and works flawlessly on iOS and Android. It offers two basic packages: free and premium. If you opt for the free version, you’ll have to deal with ads and skipped track limits (on mobile, you can only use 6 per day).

The Premium version is ad-free and available in multiple offers (all payments are charged monthly).

Spotify offers song sorting by artist, album, or genre. The service has a large number of playlists, selected according to your mood or activity (for example, work, study, meditation, exercise). Every week, the app’s algorithm sends users a new playlist based on the music they’ve listened to so far. He also creates daily mixes based on the artists and songs he likes. The more time you spend on Spotify, the better the system learns your taste.

You can register in the service in the standard way (login + password) or through Facebook. To purchase the Premium version, you must pay for it. It is worth noting that the service provides a three-month trial period, which offers literally unlimited access to music and podcasts.

With Spotify, you don’t have to worry about how to download music to your phone. The Premium version lets you download songs, so you can use the app even when you’re offline.

Tidal – unparalleled quality

Since 2014, Spotify has been competing with the Tidal app. The service has a rich resource of performers, which is growing every year. You can register on the application website and directly in the application itself. Tidal allows you to sign in with your Facebook, Twitter, Apple account.

HiFi transmits lossless recording quality – its value is 1411 kB / s. There is also a HiFi Plus option that offers a range of 2304 to over 9216 kB/s. By comparison, Spotify allows you to stream music at a maximum quality of 320 kBps, which is the same as mp3 files.

Are Spotify and Tidal the only options

There are many other music apps on the market. Amazon Prime users can enjoy a wide variety of music in the Amazon Prime Music app. Google has also created its own program. The American giant based on the YouTube Premium service provides an application that works based on user reviews. With the paid version of the YouTube service, you get access to YouTube Music and an option that allows you to listen to music videos in the application without ads, with the screen of your smartphone turned off.

It’s important to note that you can also save your favorite tracks to YouTube Premium and access them even offline – but note that they won’t be saved to your phone. If you want to listen to certain music, you will always have to go to the app.

Another streaming service for smartphone owners from a bitten apple company is Apple Music. The service offers over 85 million songs and 30,000 playlists.

How to download music to your phone

All you need is one of the above paid apps to enjoy your favorite music without annoying ads. Spotify offers a wide selection of artists, songs and playlists to suit your mood and favorite genre. Tidal, on the other hand, is perfect for people who appreciate high quality music. In a nutshell: every user will find an application that suits their needs.