Office 365: The benefits of teamwork

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Big Data Cloud Improves Team Work – However, I’ll start by looking at where the huge potential of this software comes from when it’s used for collaboration.

If you’ve used Microsoft’s standard tool licenses so far, you’re probably well aware of how burdensome it was to use them in a larger group. Files had to be constantly copied and moved to external media or sent with attachments in email messages. This caused various communication problems for the entire team and often led not only to errors, but also to an increase in the project implementation time.

In the case of Office 365, this inconvenience disappears completely. First of all, all the tools offered in the selected package are available at the web browser level. You can install these programs physically on your computer, but there is nothing stopping you from using them on your mobile device. Both of these solutions do not differ in functionality and the only requirement for the browser version is Internet access.

However, as part of its packages, Microsoft also offers the OneDrive service, probably well-known to most people. This is just cloud storage, the capacity of which in this case is as much as 1 TB. Given that we are dealing with an office software package, this is a huge amount of data that will definitely not be there.

Combining both of these advantages, we get a tool that is almost ideal for group work. It is important to note that a team of employees does not have to be in the same room or even in the same building. People working remotely can collaborate seamlessly, even if they are physically separated by thousands of miles. The data created in the software is stored in a highly secure data cloud and can be used for more than just sharing. The file can be edited by many people at the same time, and all changes made to it are immediately visible in real time.

OneDrive is very safe to use

I understand that many entrepreneurs are still unsure about hosting data in the cloud. Microsoft has set the bar very high for itself by creating the OneDrive tool, making the highest possible level of security its absolute priority. As a user, of course, you get a lot of options to customize access to information collected in the cloud, including how to manage and edit.

However, it should be noted that the entire service operates on the basis of a number of specialized security systems. No wonder the manufacturer has managed to meet the requirements of the strict ISO 27018 standard regarding data protection. In this case, all files and email messages are encrypted using the TLS method. The next level of encryption is PFS or Perfect Forward Secrecy. The transmitted information is provided with two temporary encryption keys. There’s a reason this standard is also used by giants like Twitter.

It is important to note that any unauthorized access to data is reported immediately. The user receives not only an email with a warning, but also a message sent directly to the mobile phone as an SMS. All this guarantees a really high level of security and allows a large team of people to work efficiently and smoothly, even when they are not in physical contact with each other.

Exchange Online enhances Outlook

Another significant benefit associated with making it easier to work in a large team is the presence of an additional Exchange Online tool. However, I immediately warn you that you will not find it in the basic Office 365 Business package. It comes in Premium and Essentials versions, and in my opinion, if only for that reason, it’s really worth going for the higher package.

Most entrepreneurs are familiar with the opportunities offered by the Microsoft Outlook software. Here we again access the tool at the web browser level, so you can run it even on a tablet or mobile phone. Exchange Online expands its capabilities and will be a great option, especially for those companies that have many field workers.

The tool itself is an additional mailbox, individual for each user using this package. The available space for messages is up to 50 GB. The combination of both programs creates a special combination that makes it easier to manage a large team of people. Among other things, you can fill in the meeting calendar and make it remotely available to all employees. It is also great for scheduling meetings with clients. Information created with both tools can only be accessed in a readable or editable form, and of course any changes are always immediately visible.

Teams, Yammer, and PowerApps

One of the key additions and, in my opinion, the most attractive is the commands. This application is intended for group work of teams of various sizes and allows you to create data structures related to this command. In addition, it allows you to launch other applications that provide various functions to a given command.

Setting up Yammer also looks interesting, although it is not very popular in our country, but in my opinion it is worth checking out its capabilities. The application creates a kind of social network within a particular company or corporation. This is a tool designed to work in a large team. Within the framework of the program, it is possible to create separate groups of users, for example, according to their projects. Depending on the configuration, these user groups may communicate with each other and share data, or information within a given user group may be hidden from others.

It’s also worth noting that you can write your own applications with the PowerApps service, which can be provisioned in a fairly simple manner and doesn’t require extensive programming skills. All these add-ons integrate well with each other, and the data is stored in the area of ​​this command. This ensures safe operation and significantly increases its efficiency. Teams is an ideal solution for the implementation of tasks and projects by a group of people, as it also functions as a chat messenger and video calls. The history of conversations and conversations is stored within the team. If I were to describe in one sentence how good the teams are, it would sound like this. “Having read Teams and worked in it, I can’t imagine the implementation of projects without his participation.”

Office 365 helps you optimize your costs

Finally, I should also say a few words about the costs associated with choosing this solution. If your company has many employees who use software developed by Microsoft, buying Office 365 (regardless of which option you choose) optimizes costs. In the standard form, each user, that is, the employee using these tools, will require a separate license. In the case of the package I described, you get a lot more licenses for one fee – 15 in total.

The rule here is simple, one purchased package:

  • 5 computer licenses (can be PC or Mac devices);
  • 5 licenses for tablets;
  • 5 licenses for use on mobile phones.

With larger teams of employees, especially when most of them work in the field or just remotely, this gives the company a huge financial advantage. You should also remember to always have access to the latest versions of the software. In the classic version, if you purchased, for example, Microsoft Office 2016 software, then updating to newer programs will only be possible after changing the license. In the case of Office 365, updates are already included in the price, so as long as the subscription pays off, there is always access to the latest solutions offered by the manufacturer.