Prisma – transform your photos

Picture: Mohamed Ahmed Soliman | Dreamstime

Scrolling through, from time to time, their photo archive on a computer, many people lament the insufficient quality of old pictures that were taken by the antediluvian “soap box”.

It would be a pity to send these to the basket, but it’s a pity: each of them is a fragment of the past, a memory of some events dear to the heart, important events, pleasant trips. Some depict relatives, loved ones, relatives.

You don’t need to delete anything! Owners of “apple” devices can easily save and even significantly transform images. How?

First you need to transfer the selected photos from the PC to the gadget, then open the Prisma application on it, view the entire list of proposed types of processing and carefully correlate them with each picture that is to be “tuned”.

For example, the forest landscape is taken first – beautiful, but slightly blurry. It is worth putting a Mosaic filter on it, and it will immediately sparkle with iridescent colors of a positive, bright spectrum: tree trunks will become as if embossed, sunshine will appear on their bark, and the foliage will generally turn into a wonderful kaleidoscope. Man-made magic based on smart technologies!

Another option is more suitable for working on a portrait – Curly Hair. Firstly, with its help, the photo will turn black and white. Secondly, a lot of expressive penumbraes will appear on it, as well as diverse contours – dense, similar to bundles of lines and, conversely, unusually thin strokes. A banal portrait photograph, which previously did not arouse anyone’s interest, will now resemble a retro-style daguerreotype. By the way, you can experiment with Daryl Feril – it will turn out no worse.

Using Femme, it will also be possible to creatively modify the face: all the features blurred by the camera will clearly appear on it, errors will disappear. By means of Gothic and Mononoke, original stylizations are produced. In the first case, the canvas will be multi-color, in the second – monochrome. Aquarium will give a magical effect of immersing the picture in water. Here, perhaps, the most harmonious palette, consisting of soothing tones – azure, bluish-green, gray-blue, pearl. The photos passed through Thota Vaikuntam are reminiscent of Gauguin’s original paintings.

Just like that, thanks to Apple, a person without the slightest creative ability discovers an artistic gift. With an iPhone in hand, he is a painter!

Utilitarian application of the results

Why buy expensive wall decor when it’s so easy to make your own? A few hours of work with Prism, and those who want to decorate their homes with something that neither neighbors nor friends have will receive material for decorating any room: for the living room – a set of stylish aged portraits (now it is fashionable to hang them on the walls), for the kitchen – 2-3 appetizing still lifes. The most cheerful and funny images will go to the nursery. It is recommended to change them periodically, since children are harmed by monotony, although adults will not be hindered by the transformation of details in the premises.

Such creativity will still require expenses, but very small ones.

You will need:

  • printer and fine paper;
  • frames or passe-partout – an appropriate framing option is selected taking into account the theme and style of the image.

In addition, the Prisma application offers users, in addition to the pre-installed and free, an additional gallery of filters. This is a paid, but not at all ruinous service – less than $ 2 per month. Whether to use it or get by with the available functions, the owner of the iPhone will decide. Having experienced Prism once, he will return to it many times and, quite likely, will want to subscribe to all its updates.