Spyware removal apps – protect yourself online

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While browsing the Internet, you may come across sites that try to infect your computer with software that collects information about you or attacks you with intrusive ads. Fortunately, there are programs that effectively scan your computer and remove malware.


This program finds and removes malware. It does a great job of removing unwanted plugins or posts and scripts that change the start page. The search results are presented in the form of a log, so it is intended for more advanced users. Before deleting, make sure that the item being removed is malicious.

Spyware removal apps – protect yourself online

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When you use HijackThis, you choose which components, entries, or programs to completely remove. This is an undoubted advantage of the program.

The log contains: registry entries for the start page and the default search page, entries for programs launched at system startup, as well as options, preferences for installed programs. A knowledgeable user will quickly detect and eliminate the threat.


  • Windows registry entries are the most common reason for changing the start page and launching custom programs at startup. The program displays them in its log and allows you to quickly remove malicious code. Not all scanners remove such infections. This program allows you to do this.


  • Unconscious use of the program may cause damage to the operating system;
  • is for advanced users.


This is a very advanced scanner but easy to use. It is popular with all users. There is a free version and a premium version that provides real-time protection and thus prevents your computer from getting infected.

Spyware removal apps – protect yourself online

Picture: Malwarebytes

Its scope of protection includes:

  • Anti-Malware;
  • ransomware protection;
  • protection against threats that exploit software vulnerabilities;
  • protection against malicious websites.

After installation, you get a trial version of the product for 14 days. During this period, Malwarebytes has all features unlocked, as well as real-time protection. Security is at the highest level. After the trial period, you lose some of these features and the program becomes free. However, the most important module – “Scanning” – remains at your disposal. If your computer is infected with malware, viruses, or Trojans, you can remove them with this program. It can easily deal with an infection that changes the main website or redirects to unwanted pages.

Program management is child’s play. It is limited to clicking the “Scan Now” button. The program has gained popularity and is actively used due to its ease of use and incredibly high detection rate.

Malwarebytes products have received and continue to receive awards from organizations involved in network and data security.


  • high detection rate;
  • easy to use;
  • multiple award winning product
  • free (after 14 days, the extra features disappear and the program becomes free).

Dr.WEB CureIt!

Free virus scanner, very easy to use. Cleans infected computers from viruses, spyware, adware, and other unwanted code. Like Malwarebytes, it’s versatile. It has a high detection rate, but the scan time may be longer.

Spyware removal apps – protect yourself online

Picture: Dr.WEB

It is used to cure the computer from any malware. Locks the screen outside the scanner while it is running. There are no processes initiated by the virus.

Since this is a virus scanner, it can handle literally everything:

  • bulk mailing;
  • email viruses;
  • peer-to-peer viruses;
  • Internet worms;
  • viruses that infect files;
  • Trojans;
  • hidden viruses;
  • polymorphic viruses;
  • macroviruses;
  • MS Office viruses;
  • spyware;
  • password stealing programs;
  • adware;
  • riskware;
  • backdoor programs;
  • malicious scripts;
  • other malware.
Dr.WEB CureIt! can be used in places where no antivirus protection has been applied or the activity and type of viruses are unknown.


  • high detection rate;
  • free;
  • easy to use.


  • Long scan time.