Twitter – from registration to earnings

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So you’ve got a Twitter account. What’s next? Do you think this is enough to start earning right away? Of course, this is not true.

Before you start earning, you need to work very hard – bring your account into the proper form, make it attractive to others and promote it, gradually increasing the number of followers (followers) – i.e. Twitterers following you (or, you can call them subscribers). Don’t be scared! The process of increasing followers is much easier and faster than increasing the number of subscribers on a regular blog or website.

Creating your profile

Insert a photo and choose a design

To insert a photo or avatar, you need to go to the top right in Settings, and then click the 2nd button on the top right Picture, select a photo from your computer and click Save.

When inserting your avatar or photo, use an image up to 0.7 MB in size. If your picture is larger, reduce it using a program included with Windows, or Photoshop, ACDSee, etc.

To change the design of the page, you need to click Setting, then select Design, Twitter will prompt you to select one of the templates. You can also select your template through the Change background image button and select your image from your computer.

Complete your profile

Take the time to complete your profile. Write a short biography and tell us about yourself. On Twitter, the identity of the person who leads the microblog is very important. And be sure to fill out the BIO section.

How to use Twitter

Twitter – from registration to earnings

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You can write notes up to 140 characters long. Spaces also count as characters. To do this, press Home at the top and you will be taken to the page where you will see a window for writing a message at the top. Above the window on the right you will see the number 140. When you write a message, a countdown will begin.

To publish a written tweet (message), click the Tweet button on the right below the window. There is no way to edit a tweet after it has been posted. If you need to edit a tweet, just delete it and post a new one – edited.

On your page at the very top there is a panel: 6 horizontal buttons: Home, Profile, Find People, Settings, Help Sign out.

Home – The main home page. On it – below the window, you can see a feed of new tweets (messages).

On the main Home page – in the right side column there are following buttons – those who you follow (whom you subscribed to), and followers – those who follow you (subscribed to your microblog). By clicking on these buttons, you will see the corresponding lists. Above the buttons, you’ll see the number of followers you’ve followed and followers you’ve followed.

Further, on the right in the sidebar – under the Home button is the @_ (your username) button – by clicking, you will see private messages to you from tweeters that no one but you can see. Below is the Direct Messages button – this section contains private messages from your followers.

The next button on the top horizontal bar is Profile. By clicking, you can see all the messages you have tweeted.

If, when entering your username and password, you will be taken to someone else’s page, it’s okay. This means that you visited it once, and Twitter remembered you and redirected you to where you were before. In this case, just click the Home button at the top, and you will be taken to your page.

Development and promotion of your microblog

Twitter – from registration to earnings

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Start by adding to your contacts – Follow – your friends. There are many options on Twitter for this. Click Find People. Twitter allows you to import email lists, contacts from IM clients like ICQ, search by nicknames and names.

After adding friends, I recommend that you start searching for people by interests. Once again I want to say that if you want to really communicate with English-speaking users, follow them. But adding these users only so that they add you in response – to increase the number of your followers, I strongly advise you not to. This will not give you anything in terms of earnings, because. in Russian services for earning money with the help of Twitter, only your Russian-speaking followers are practically taken into account.

If you plan to later try to make money with the help of English-language services, or even want to enter the English-language Internet with your business, then, of course, you need to follow foreign users too.

You can find friends of interest through the search service directly on Twitter by clicking on Find People in the top menu. Enter your interests in Russian or English in the search bar, and you will get huge lists of users in the search results.

Choose, follow and you will receive a list of your Following – those you have subscribed to. You will be able to read their tweets.

“Follow” someone (Follow) means to add someone to the contact list, but these users will not be able to see your news if they do not add you to their contact list. As a rule, the majority of those who follow you will follow you in return.

The easiest way to create your contact list is to add users with similar interests. You add them and they add you. Immediately after adding users to the contact list, their messages (Tweets) will appear in your News (Timeline) section.

If any user starts to annoy you with a huge amount of useless news, you can remove him by going to his Twitter page (by clicking on the name in his message in your news feed). On his page, under his name at the top right, you will see an icon that looks like a gear or an asterisk with a circle in the middle. Click on the arrow to the right of this icon, select the third line (with a man and a cross), click on it. And that’s it – the user is removed from your contacts, or unfollowed (Unfollow).

Of course, the process of building your contact list is quite laborious and time consuming. But believe me, it’s worth it. It’s better to get it right from the start than spend more time cleaning up that list later.

How to make friends on Twitter

Twitter – from registration to earnings

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Be sincere

Do not forget that all your actions are public, but try to make sure that all your communications are honest and transparent. Let your emotions be real, and then the readers will stay with you. If you bombard them with sales messages, they will quickly cross you off their list.

Value your friends

Answer your friends’ questions if you have something to say. Give useful advice from your experience that does not relate to the purchase of a product or service. Tell a joke. They should always get something useful out of talking to you. They will tell their friends about you, and your contact list will grow with new contacts.

Stay connected during peak hours

Peak hours are, in fact, working hours from Monday to Friday. Considering the time difference with North America, aim for the afternoon and evening if you live in the CIS countries.

Chat regularly

Communicate often, but only if you have something to say. It is better if you send several messages per day. You should not install a bot that will send messages instead of you – your readers will quickly understand this and remove you from their friends list. If you want to be away for a few days, use the TweetLater service to schedule your posts.

Use your online activities

If you have something of value to offer online, such as a blog or website, write about updates or new posts on it. If you don’t have an online project yet, think about creating it, then you will have something to offer your friends. If you are making a website for a client, tell your friends about it, they will be happy to share their opinion with you.

Make your Twitter page unique

Your potential readers will understand that such communication is important for you, and it is interesting to be friends with you.

Run free promotions

You can, for example, send an e-book, which was previously available only in paper form, for free to everyone who added you as a friend and gave their email address.

Obey the law of reciprocity

Reply to messages sent by your friends if they are of interest or if you can help them. Treat others the way you want to be treated and the community will appreciate you.