Azota is technology software that helps teachers assign assignments, create exam questions, and quickly grade exams online and offline.

Azota develops powerful automation and customization features that are easy to use for all audiences.

Simple quests

Create and deliver jobs anytime, anywhere, and on any device with simple operations.

  • Support for creating exercises in all formats (Word, PDF, audio, video files).
  • Set submission deadlines, complete assignments for multiple classes at the same time.
  • Allow students to submit assignments without creating an account.
  • Integration of icons, fonts, colors, various user interfaces.
  • Allow to hide/show the bit result.
  • Upload photos, share exercise photos on all platforms.

Create quizzes quickly

Thanks to Azota’s intelligent algorithm, teachers do not need to perform many operations to digitize exam questions. With a simple drag and drop, teachers can create different types of questions: multiple choice questions, essays, gap filling, mixed test, group question… in less than 2 minutes!

    • Unlimited offers to download.
    • Automatically recognize the response.
    • Allow to flip the entire theme or flip part of it.
    • Additional configuration: set time, password, number of times, select destination class.
    • Create a question bank, randomly select the number of inverse sentences in a topic.
  • Exam control support.
  • Allow export Excel file with exam results, export exam file as PDF.
  • Detailed spectral statistics.

Convenient offline exam

This is a feature of marking multiple choice tests on a coloring sheet in 2 ways: a dot from a phone or a dot from a scanned file. With outstanding benefits:

  • Unlimited points, number of puzzles.
  • Automatic paper detection
  • Point, pay points + quick stats.
  • You can put a period in case of missing or incorrect SBD code.
  • Regardless of form. Compose as many questions as possible and print out the corresponding bulletins with as many sentences as possible.
  • It is convenient to store and share results.

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