Bigpara – access stock market, forex, exchange rate information and all instant stock market news and keep your finger on the pulse of the economy.

Now it’s much easier to keep a close eye on the world of finance and manage portfolios with ease! Gold prices in dollars, euros, grams are always with you. You can easily shape your investments by defining a list of stocks in your portfolio in the bigpara mobile app.

With bigpara mobile app; you can receive instant stock market news, follow Borsa Istanbul at the same time, view BIST level 1 data at the same time by purchasing a license; You can access PAY Markets, BIST Indices, VIOP information.

Create your own stock market page

You can follow selected promotions from one page by logging into the bigpara mobile app. You can access your personal page from by logging in with your membership information.

Save time with Price Alert

To make it easier to manage your portfolio, you can automatically be notified when the stocks you follow in Borsa Istanbul arrive at the price you set.

Your portfolio is everywhere

You can easily sync your portfolio online, mobile and tablet and speed up your investment.

Loan applications

You can easily view bank offers on one page with loan options tailored to you and immediately apply for the bank loan you find suitable.

Instant parity information

With bigpara, you can easily access dollars, euros and other currency parities.

Other features

In the bigpara mobile app, you can also follow the bond market, warrants, global stock market indices, technical analysis, commodity information and expert commentary.

Currency rates in the Bigpara app

  • Dollar – US dollar
  • euro – euro
  • British Pound – Pound Sterling
  • Japanese yen – JPY
  • Swiss Franc – CHF
  • Australian dollar – AUD
  • Danish krone – DKK
  • Saudi Arabian Riyal – SAR
  • Indian Rupee – INR
  • Swedish Krona – SEK

Product information

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Corn
  • Soya
  • Natural gas

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