Blue Proxy

Blue Proxy

Blue Proxy – Unblock websites you would like to visit today on the Internet.

Internet freedom should not be censored. Say NO to censorship and surf all the web with Anti Block Browser and get free access to all blocked websites.

What you can use Blue Proxy for

  • Unblock sites blocked in your country.
  • Protect your online privacy because this app is an android proxy browser, your traffic is routed through servers in the US so if you use our app no ​​trace is left making it the perfect solution to avoid government surveillance.

Blue Proxy Benefits and Functions

  • ️Unblock websites for life, unblock youtube, unblock websites, twitter, etc.
  • The browser is not tracking you.
  • Your relationship is secure and anonymous.
  • Bypass all site firewalls.
  • Works on phones and tablets.
  • Open blocked sites on android.
  • Our block breaking app is professionally designed.
  • Built-in VPN proxy for user protection and security.
  • Unlimited browsing bandwidth.
  • Material design and the fastest proxy browser.
  • Anonymous browsing by hiding your IP.
  • Unblock websites on school Wi-Fi.
  • Unblock web apps, videos, images.
  • Access websites in the UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, China and many other countries.
  • Built-in fast proxy server, no need to configure proxy by yourself, just open the app, browse and unblock your favorite websites.

Udicorn Unblock Proxy Features

  • UNLIMITED: Truly unlimited. There are no bandwidth or speed limits.
  • EASY: free the world automatically by simply opening the app!
  • SECURE: SSL and strong encryption will keep you safe and secure your connection.
  • SUPPORT: Need support? Need to leave a review? Assumption? Contact us via email:!

How can you use Blue Proxy?

Easily! Your protection is activated by simply opening the app, it’s that simple! Now you can freely surf the Internet and browse all your favorite websites from the app.


Please note that our android app will only provide your protection and private browsing inside the app, android app proxy browser works differently than VPN. So be sure to stay in the app if you want to protect your online privacy or unblock websites!

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