Doctiplus – digital health from home, online doctor consultation 365 days a year.

Ask a doctor online. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Individual attention 24 hours, a team of doctors is ready to help you!

With the Doctiplus app you can chat with a doctor to dispel doubts about your health problem, you can make an appointment with any doctor at a consultation price you are willing to pay, the app is easy to use so you will not have a problem with using it.

Doctiplus Benefits

  • Doctors available 24/7
  • Immediate response from all medical professionals
  • Unlimited consultations, see doctors as many times as you need.

How it works?

Consult online with your health consultant. Register for free, then you will be in contact with various specialist doctors who will give you specific advice about your health and well-being.

What requests can I make in the Doctiplus app

  • Gynecology: pregnancy, fertility, motherhood, lactation, childbirth, contraception, menstruation, vaginal infections.
  • Pediatrics: vaccines, drugs in children, infant feeding, chicken pox, measles.
  • General Medicine: Headache, Fever, Asthma, Flu, Colds, Runny nose, Stomachache, Migraine, Allergies, Pharmacy, Cholesterol, Hypertension, Diabetes, Thyroid.
  • Psychology: anxiety, stress, depression, self-esteem.
  • Dietitian: diets, overweight, recipes, obesity, starvation.
  • And much more: communication with specialists in the field of dermatology, cardiology, urology, sexology, a personal trainer or family therapist, etc.

You can find information on health topics and articles related to nutrition.

If you are a doctor and need more patients feel free to sign up with Doctiplus, I charge for results, you don’t pay if you don’t get results.

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