Dropbox, Inc.

Dropbox is a free program that allows you to store your data on remote servers.

Dropbox can be used to store and share data, synchronize data, as a hosting for mini sites, and is also useful as an assistant to an IT developer and a simple user.

Dropbox works on the principle of data synchronization. During installation, the folder “My Dropbox” is created on the computer, which is synchronized with the online storage. Any change to any content in the local folder will cause the change to take place on the Dropbox server as well. Access to the online storage is provided from any computer, which makes the program very convenient for sharing files and backing up important data.

Dropbox features

  • File sharing takes place on your computer. No need to connect to an FTP server or open the web interface.
  • Synchronization occurs without user intervention. The client works independently in the background. Multiple computers can be connected.
  • Dropbox supports any file type.
  • Storing file versions. You can always rollback to a previous version.
  • Supports publishing files to the Internet and automatically updating data to the Internet when updating on the local computer.
  • When changing not the entire file, but only its part, not the entire file is transferred, but only the changed fragment, which significantly reduces traffic and speeds up the synchronization process.
  • Dropbox maintains a history of downloads so that after deleting files from the server, it will be possible to recover data.
  • A file history is maintained, which is available for the period of the last 30 days, in addition, the “Pack-Rat” file history function is available indefinitely.
  • A high level of service security is achieved by transmitting data over an encrypted channel (SSL) and storing data “in the cloud” also in encrypted form (AES-256).
  • The ability to upload files for public access through the “Public” folder allows you to use the service as a file sharing service.
  • For collaboration on projects, Dropbox has the ability to create “Shared” folders for the general access of people with different accounts on the service.
  • Upload and upload speed can be limited or provided to Dropbox.

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Android, iOS, Windows
Dropbox, Inc.
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