DuckDuckGo – Provides the most comprehensive online privacy protection at the touch of a button.

With a single download, you get a new everyday browser that gives you strong search and browsing protection, as well as access to tracking protection for the emails you receive and the apps you use. Many of these protections are not offered by default in most popular browsers.

DuckDuckGo Features

  • Default private search – DuckDuckGo’s private search is built in so you can easily search the web without being tracked.
  • Block tracking cookies – Prevent most third-party tracking cookies from being tracked when you navigate from site to site.
  • Get rid of website trackers before they load – Automatically stop most hidden trackers (third-party scripts) from loading, preventing companies from collecting and using any personal data from these trackers. Our advanced tracker blocking technology, called 3rd Party Tracker Download Protection, goes beyond what you get in most popular browsers by default.
  • Auto Enforce Encryption – Force many of the sites you visit to automatically use an encrypted (HTTPS) connection that helps protect your data from Wi-Fi snoops and network snoopers like your ISP.
  • Email Tracker Blocking (Beta) – More than 85% of emails sent to Duck Addresses contained trackers that can determine when you opened a message, where you were when you opened it, and what device you were using. Email Protection makes it easy to block most email trackers and hide your existing address when registering online, all without switching email providers.
  • Protect Your Privacy in Other Apps (Beta) – Block most hidden app trackers in other apps day and night and prevent third parties from invading your privacy with App Tracking Protection. This feature uses a VPN connection, but works locally on your device and does not collect any personal data. Join the free beta private waitlist via the app’s settings menu.
  • Get rid of fingerprints – help stop companies from creating a unique ID for you by blocking their attempts to combine specific information about your browser and device settings.
  • Block tracking cookies – Prevent most third-party tracking cookies from being tracked when you navigate from site to site.

DuckDuckGo also has many protections not available in most browsers, including link tracking protection, Google AMP tracking, and more.

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