Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer - free browser from Microsoft, which is widely used by individuals and commercial organizations.

Internet Explorer makes a blockage in the event of the appearance of windows of an advertising nature, works with tabs, automatically updates components.

Internet Explorer is a modern browser, developed on the basis of the latest Internet standards. Meets high security requirements. Popular among web developers.

Internet Explorer Features

  • Comfortable interface, not distracting from viewing pages on the Internet.
  • Hardware acceleration type for displayed text, video, graphics.
  • Ability to quickly go to fixed sites.
  • Quickly jump to the pages you visit most often.
  • The presence of Adobe Flash.
  • An Expert Advisor that helps identify components that adversely affect the browser's working speed, and also disable or delete them.
  • Using the download manager, you can see the process of downloading information, the system warns about malicious files.
  • You can keep privacy by preventing certain sites from sharing data with the browser.
  • Supports WebGL and High DPI.
  • Synchronization with RSS.
  • Adapted integration with the Windows environment.

Free Download Internet Explorer for Windows 7/10 from the official site.

Windows 8/7

Internet Explorer Free Download