Punto Switcher

Punto Switcher


Punto Switcher — free program that allows you to automatically change the keyboard layout.

Punto Switcher can recognize text well, so manual switching is not necessary. You can choose the convenient variations of the keys for changing the language, the hotkey for converting to Russian, translit. Among the additional functions, there are also diaries of texts that have been typed, voice keyboard and other features.

Punto Switcher allows you to translate text into and out of translit. Can check the validity of a combination of letters. The function of transferring information to developers to improve the performance of the utility. The program allows you to send texts to Twitter.

Features of Punto Switcher for Windows

  • Automated correction of fragments typed in another language.
  • Using the hotkey, you can adjust the last word in the word set or the selected fragment manually.
  • The language indicator can be moved to a convenient location.
  • The layout is changed to the desired language in automatic mode.
  • For different programs, you can enable or disable the automatic fix.
  • The layout type is currently displayed in the system tray.
  • There is a sound warning about changing the layout, and pressing the keys in different layouts are different.
  • It is possible to replace the text with predefined samples.
  • All typed texts are stored in the diary.

Punto Switcher is a free program for Windows from the Cleaning and Tweaking category. This program has a free license and is used on computers all over the world. On Veadug.com you can free download Punto Switcher for Windows 7/10. Veadug.com is an international software portal for Windows operating systems. Download Punto Switcher for free from the official website of Яндекс and be sure — the program will be useful to you.

Additional Information
Operating System
Windows 10, 8, 7, XP
Latest Version
March 14, 2018

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