Python - high-level programming language with a small amount of syntax.

Python has good code readability, and is also popular due to its high degree of performance. Memory management is done at the automatic level, the typing is dynamic, it works with multithreaded calculations and many other advantages. The program code can be organized into classes, and later, into modules and even into packages.

Python supports such programming paradigms as aspect-oriented, object-oriented, functional, structural and imperative. The standard program library includes many useful functions.

Python Features

  • Allows high-quality self-examination.
  • Orientation of the object on an intuitive level.
  • The syntax code is clean and readable.
  • Produces error handling (in the form of exceptions).
  • Data types are high-level and dynamic.
  • The presence of a large library, as well as third-party modules that can cope with all types of tasks.
  • Simplicity of writing modules on other types of languages.
  • Support for interactive mode. Instant execution of operators when typing from the keyboard.
  • Function of object-oriented programming.
  • The utility of the utility for functional programming.
  • Support for complete introspection.
  • High-quality exception handling.
  • Wide application of iterators.
  • The presence of the generator function, keeps the internal state.
  • Ability to manage the execution context.
  • Presence of the decorator function.
  • The format of regular expressions.

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