Telegram Desktop

Telegram Desktop

Telegram Desktop - program designed for Windows, giving the opportunity to communicate at a distance.

Telegram Desktop allows you to send messages with ease and speed, share photos, music, videos and much more. The big plus of the program is to ensure full confidentiality. In addition to encryption, the entire conversation history is automatically erased on both devices (the recipient and the sender).

Telegram Desktop searches for an interlocutor for contacts. Also, the utility is able to play content from various video sharing sites.

Features of Telegram Desktop

  • Automatic synchronization of all communication between devices that are used by the user.
  • Allows you to send, receive photos, documents, music, messages.
  • You can create groups.
  • Can be used on many operating systems and platforms.
  • Ensures complete security and confidentiality for all users.
  • High speed.
  • Ability to use up to 1.5 GB in the "cloud" for storing information.
  • Will not keep advertising.
  • Absolutely free utility.
  • Built-in function to automatically delete all correspondence after a certain period of time.

Free Download Telegram Desktop for Windows 7/10 from the official site.

Windows 10/8/7/XP
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Telegram Desktop Free Download

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