Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome — fast, free and one of the most popular browsers to date.

Google Chrome is released and supported by Google. It uses the components of other open source software (including WebKit and Mozilla) and provides greater stability, speed and security than other browsers that exist today.

Google Chrome browser has a simple and effective user interface.

Google Chrome features for Windows

  • Use web applications without opening the browser. Application shortcuts can directly open your favorite online services.
  • Use the address bar of the browser, both to navigate to the address and for the search query.
  • Each time you open a new tab, you see links to the most visited sites, the most used search engines and the latest bookmarked sites.
  • The navigation history is not saved when you are in incognito mode.
  • You can drag tabs outside the browser window and create a new window, drag multiple tabs between different windows.
  • Each tab opened in the browser is independent of the others, so a single application failure does not affect the rest of the applications.
  • The browser warns the user about visiting unsafe pages.
  • The browser does not have annoying load managers — the download status is displayed at the bottom of the window.
  • When installing, you can import bookmarks and passwords from any other browser.
Windows 10/8/7
May 18, 2018

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