Oracle VM VirtualBox

Oracle VM VirtualBox

Oracle VM VirtualBox - free system for obtaining a virtual version of a real computer.

Oracle VM VirtualBox will allow you to run the operating system on a virtual machine. The utility is free, has a high degree of performance, while it is compact enough. The interface is comfortable to use, the system functions stably, can work with VMware images. Works on different equipment.

VirtualBox is compatible with many platforms. Supports USB 2.0. The utility has a built-in RDP-server. Has a function to support the visualization of audio devices. Built-in support for various types of network communication - NAT, Host Networking via Bridged, Internal.

VirtualBox Features

  • Works with 64-bit systems, even if 32-bit is installed.
  • Experimental type of 3D acceleration support.
  • SMP is supported on the guest system.
  • Visualization of audio devices is performed.
  • Images of VHD and VMDK hard drives are supported.
  • Many types of network communication are supported.
  • The function to perform a smooth rollback, regardless of the state of the system (guest).
  • Data exchange is possible between systems.
  • Desktops can be integrated.
  • Interface in many languages.
  • Snapshots - support for the virtual machine chain.
  • Full support for OVF / OVA format.
  • The standard base version is open based on the GNU GPL license.

Free Download Oracle VM VirtualBox for Windows 7/10 from the official site.

Windows 10/8/7/XP
Oracle Corporation

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