Kaspersky System Checker

Kaspersky System Checker

Kaspersky System Checker - program for accurately detecting the status of a personal computer.

The utility can detect vulnerabilities in the system, detect the presence of malicious applications, identify performance problems, and help in the event of a security risk and other opportunities.

Kaspersky System Checker works quickly and easily, it scans the system, all its areas, shows all the problems in the report and gives recommendations for the elimination and adoption of all necessary security measures.

In Kaspersky System Checker there is a specially developed built-in module, it allows you to remove unnecessary and braking system installed applications, as well as their extensions. The utility is easy to use, and also has an easy-to-understand and user-friendly interface.

Features of Kaspersky System Checker

  • To start, just run the test by pressing the desired button. You do not have to wait until the scan finishes to view the results. Antivirus immediately displays the detected threats and problems after they are identified. All information appears on the screen, because it can lead to serious problems, because the computer is vulnerable to the viruses in it.
  • The scanner will show the user harmful and questionable files, as well as display problems related to the configuration of the firewall.
  • Ability to view system data, remove unnecessary programs.
  • Anti-Virus accumulates configuration data.
  • After the program has checked the system, it gives possible ways of renaissance of the problem, allows to get acquainted with the list of possible dangers and measures for their elimination.

Free Download Kaspersky System Checker for Windows 7/10 from the official site.

Windows 10/8/7/XP

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