Quick Heal Total Security

Quick Heal Total Security


Quick Heal Total Security — the best antivirus for maximum protection of your system against malicious programs.

Quick Heal Total Security prevents the penetration of Trojans, worms, and spyware on your computer.

Quick Heal Total Security neutralizes the activity of spyware — keyloggers aimed at reading the entered login and password. Proactive technology Quick Heal DNAScan allows the antivirus to quickly obtain information about the latest threats and eliminate them. There is also a predictive defense, successfully blocking even unknown threats.

The utility includes parental control, where it is possible to set the mode of access to the Internet: restrict visits to certain web pages or indicate the time when you can use the computer. The PCTuner module improves system performance, and PC2Mobile Scan monitors the status of your mobile phones.

The reliability of the operation of Quick Heal Total Security is confirmed by independent international tests, where it ranked in line with solutions from Kaspersky Lab and Bitdefender.

Quick Heal Total Security Features for Windows

  • Complex antivirus is equipped with additional modules and components to maintain a high level of protection against any threats.
  • The purpose of the antivirus program is to block the intrusion paths, such as removable media, installers, attached documents in letters, downloaded files from the network.
  • Antispyware and Anti-rootkit scans the system quickly and continuously. They ensure that rootkits do not penetrate into it (means for disguise, data collection and event management), spyware applications.
  • The firewall always works in the background. Using IDS / IPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention), it regulates the activity of viruses from the Internet, prohibits any veiled attempts to inject suspicious objects and run potentially unsafe scenarios.
  • Self-defense defends program components from user actions, which can lead to a weakening of protection properties.
  • Protection of the browser in real time does not allow to go to phishing sites and infected resources, prohibits downloading of suspicious files.
  • Anti-phishing monitors the issuance of search engines for sites with poor reputation that can transmit infected traffic, and does not allow them to be opened.
  • Email protection is achieved by blocking spam. Often, mass-mailing hides infected files, the launch of which may lead to the termination of the system.
  • If you need complex protection on the Internet when entering passwords, you should use the Sandbox Browser function. It raises a shield between the user and the traffic from the network, reduces the probability of abduction of codes and card numbers to zero.
  • It is possible to select categories of sites, and access will be restricted.
  • It is also possible to configure an exclusion list that allows you to navigate through certain links from the black list.
  • The component prevents unauthorized copying of data to removable disks and from them, does not allow arbitrary connection to ports.
  • PC2Mobile Scan — the module is designed to test smartphones for the presence of security threats in them.
  • Ensures that garbage files do not accumulate, and only the necessary programs are present at the startup.
  • Disk defragmentation is available to improve performance. The procedure updates the logical structure of the partition to store information in the correct continuous sequence.
  • Game mode, designed in such a way that the game was as smooth as possible.
  • Anti-virus lulls any background activity, services and processes that can slow down Windows.

Quick Heal Total Security is a free program for Windows from the Antivirus category. This program has a free license and is used on computers all over the world. On Veadug.com you can free download Quick Heal Total Security for Windows 7/10. Veadug.com is an international software portal for Windows operating systems. Download Quick Heal Total Security for free from the official website of Cat Computer Services and be sure — the program will be useful to you.

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Operating System
Windows 10, 8, 7, XP
Cat Computer Services
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17.00 (
January 24, 2018

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