Sysinternals Suite

Sysinternals Suite

Sysinternals Suite - set of system utilities for diagnosing and troubleshooting various system.

The author of the project is a well-known technical specialist who is an employee of Microsoft Corporation, Mark Russinovich.

The Sysinternals Suite is a free program for monitoring and administering computers running on the Windows operating system. Users can download an archive with a full set of utilities or individual programs on the Microsoft website in the Windows Sysinternals section.

The package Sysinternals Suite is periodically updated, and its composition can be changed: new services are added and deleted are not relevant. It includes programs with a text-based user interface and programs with a graphical interface.

Sysinternals Suite features

  • Actions with files and disks. Accesschek - a program to verify the right of users to access files, registries, passwords and processes.
  • Work with the network. The ADInsight utility allows you to monitor the transfer of data between the server and the workstation using the LDAP protocol. It allows you to identify the cause of the violation of work in Active Directory, identify factors that lead to poor performance, track permissions, and examine the interaction systems of AD objects.
  • Analysis of information about the processes. The Process Monitor program allows you to check the activity of the registry, the system files, processes, libraries, threads.
  • Security. Security programs include RootkitReveravel. Its function is to determine the rootkit of the means when viruses enter the system, which have mechanisms for masking their presence in the system.

Free Download Sysinternals Suite for Windows 7/10 from the official site.

Windows 10/8/7

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